Video Call Out

WANTED: Participant Videos on Playa Preparation and Participation!

Calling all filmmakers and benevolent Burners! We want YOUR video submissions to share as part of the 2nd Annual Burning Man Video Acculturation Series, designed to help new Burners prepare for their first playa experience!

The theme for 2011 is PREPARATION & PARTICIPATION! (more…)

BBQ-a-Noobie Volunteer Picnic

BBQ-a-Noobie Volunteer Picnic, Info Fair & Costume Swap
(aka BBQ-A-Noobie)

Lindley Meadow
Golden Gate Park, SF
11am-6ish pm

See the Map to the location.

Bring something for the grill, or a dish to share, or drinks to share. It’s self-reliant, Burner do-ocracy, gift economy-style!


**Costume Swap: Sponsored by the Special Events Team! Contribute your Playa best and get something amazing in return!

**Info Fair: All of your favorite Burningman departments will be on site to answer your questions and provide you with answers. Bring your virgins!

“You must bring everything with you to survive the pic-i-nic”

*At least 12 oz beverage per adult, per hour.
*Enough grillable food for you and your group.
*Layered clothing that preferably sparkles.
*A good folding camp chair or picnic blanket.
*’Leave No Trace’ garbage bags.
*Reusable cup.
*Common sense, an open mind, and a positive, playful attitude.
*Coleslaw/Frito Pie/Potato Salad/Baked Beans/Ambrosia.
*Goggles and face masks in case of dust storms or bear attack.
*Virgins! Noobies! More Virgins!

Somewhat like BRC, a certain level of stuff will be provided: Such as charcoal, plates, utensils, and condiments. You know, the basics … yes, condiments!

Take the 5 Fulton to within a block of our event. Parking may be limited; JFK Drive is open to automobile traffic at our site. Carpool, take transit or ride your bike! Plan your trip here.

The Composting Contraption Gets Out and About

The [BRAF]’s latest ScrapEden Project, The Composting Contraption, rolls on, delighting kids and adults alike and educating about the importance of composting.  This pedal powered, fun and funky kinetic sculpture is touring events throughout the summer. If you’re at an outdoor event in San Francisco this summer, keep your eyes peeled for the contraption!

The ScrapEden program is supported by the San Francisco Department of the Environment.

photos: Victoria Ramirez

Flying Solo – Laura Kimpton

Flying Solo Exhibit
Featuring Laura Kimpton
Opening Reception
McLaughlin Gallery 49 Geary (corner Grant). Suite 200
San Francisco
Thursday, June 2, 2011
5:30pm to 8:30pm

View new works of collage, assemblage, and sculpture by Laura Kimpton.

Works on exhibition from June 2nd to July 30th, 2011. This solo exhibition of 2D and 3D recycled mixed media creations draws upon Laura’s spiritual connection to birds and her own need to tear down societal constraints that keep us from discovering and celebrating our inner core.

Register For This Event

AFTER PARTY at the Hotel Monaco 9 pm – 2 am. Come celebrate the completion of this Solo Show.

Marin based Laura Kimpton is known for her daring and thought-provoking work; including “Celtic Forest,” a sculpture and fire site at [BM].

The 2011 Temple of Transition: Cross-Continental Collaboration

When the Temple of Transition burns on Sunday night of this year’s Burning Man event, it will be both a cathartic release for participants and a celebration of what might be the playa’s most internationally collaborative project to date.

The driving force behind this year’s Temple of Transition, The International Arts Megacrew (IAM), is comprised of artists from literally all over the world. Project Co-Leads Diarmo Horkan, Beav, Roamer and Kiwi hail from Dublin, Ireland, London, UK and Auckland, New Zealand and have assembled a crew of over 100 Burners and artists from Australia, London, San Francisco, Vancouver, and many other cities in between.

As Diarmo sat across the table from me here at Burning Man Headquarters a few weeks ago on his way from Dublin to Reno, NV, his eyes beamed brightly as he talked about the crew’s transcontinental Skype meetings and the ways in which the Burner community has rallied around this exciting project. The seed for this year’s temple was planted at the 2010 event when the crew brought their massive project, Megatropolis, to the playa. “We looked around and thought, we can do this even bigger and better,” Diarmo reflected, “It’s time.” Before their fit left the playa, plans were set in motion for this ambitious artistic collaboration.

The IAM has set up shop at Hobson Square in Reno, NV and crewmembers have already started physical labor on the Temple. Throughout the Summer, new crew members will arrive in Reno and get straight to work. After their long days, many of the workers will enjoy the gracious hospitality of Haggy at The Black Rock International Burner Hostel in Reno. For updates on the progress of this year’s Temple, visit

On Wednesday, May 25th, 2011, the Temple of Transition crew will host a FIRE SALE and a Meet n Greet at the Bently Reserve in San Francisco from 6-10pm. There will be music, mingling, an auction, a raffle, and the opportunity to hear more about this amazing project from Kiwi and Diarmo. For more information, visit:

Bliss Dance Has Emerged

Bliss Dance on Treasure Island photo: Sidney Erthal
Bliss Dance on Treasure Island photo: Sidney Erthal

Sometimes people ask me why I still volunteer for [BM] and the [BRAF] after more than 10 years, and I tell them, “Burning Man and the Black Rock Arts Foundation have changed my life”. They have brought breadth and depth to my life in ways I never imagined. I have come to love the gift of art, big art as it turns out. Who makes it, why they make it, where they make it and best of all, how they make it? Thus, one of the gifts in my life is that sometimes I get to meet art in its formation. I love the process. In late 2009 I ran into my friend Lloyd Taylor, (Our Lloyd died a few months ago, we love you Lloyd, Be Cool) and he said he was the production manager on a 40 foot statue with Marco Cochrane and the Bliss Dance Crew, and it was for Burning Man 2010. I was intrigued. And he invited us out for a visit. We met the artist and his crew and we met Bliss Dance.

Lloyd and his groupSo a few weeks later when I got a note from Lloyd that said “With the arms and left leg mostly complete, we start the left upper torso this week. Soon we will be attaching some mesh skin and testing lighting. So come visit us at Bliss Dance on Treasure Island, help if you can or just chill in the great space with killer views.” I was thrilled and had to see Bliss Dance as she changed and grew. So off we went. And guess what, I fell in love. She was amazing, even the prototype for the piece was stunning and she captured my imagination.

Then a few week later we stopped by again and I could not help but blog that we could see Bliss Dance Emerging. Throughout the spring we would stop by, maybe take some cookies or burritos and see the progress. Spring turned into summer and it was Burning Man season. You know how that works at your house. You start connecting more with your campmates, getting excited to see what the art is going to look like and de-dust everything so you can take it to the Playa and get it dusty again.

I blogged from Burning Man 2010 and could not help but include Bliss Dance.

My huband, MonkeyBoy goes to Burning Man in very early August to help build Black Rock City, so I hang our with my friends and since we are art geeks, we packed our lunch, took food for the Crew and went to watch the Assembling of Bliss Dance .


Crowdsourcing: Anatomy of a Kickstarter

In the past two years, we saw a pretty big spike in the number of requests from artists and project collaborators requesting a voice for fundraising efforts on their Burning Man creations. Historically, all sorts of artists have done community fundraising in all sorts of ways, and we’ve shared them on various information channels from time to time, so these requests themselves are nothing new. But the smaller-world phenomenon of the internet has increased the visibility for these efforts and the creative ways that Burning Man artists, theme campers, Mutant Vehicle creators, even filmmakers and painters have been able to reach out to their communities for help to make playa projects possible.

The individual artists and collectives behind these projects keep returning with increasingly creative ways to invite and welcome contributions from other BRC citizens — reaching all of you potential art patrons who know or just admire the work of these creatives already. You’ve told us that you are happy to take part in helping to bring each year’s Temple, zoetrope, or garbage-burning 80 foot mechabolic slug to life in Black Rock City, so while we’re careful not to overload, we have continued to share these messages.

Thing is, citizens have donated to the arts in BRC for years, but time has increased the throw of their intentions. Nothing can change the bare-bones reality of fundraising for creative projects. One look at the art  of Burning Man shows that some ideas are bigger than one person’s vision, but the size of the budget isn’t really the point, for large and small projects alike have continued approaching us for visibility. How to be egalitarian about sharing these requests with the crowd when we’ve shared a thousand other “calls for help” and fundraiser event requests over the years, and when community support is such an ingrained part of our art culture? (more…)

DIY Your Burn: Bikes!

Hello out there! First off, I’d just like to thank everybody who stopped by my last post to talk about DIY shelter ideas, swamp coolers, Mylar and other ways to stay alive comfortable at Burning Man. If you haven’t checked that post, go read it now! You’ll learn more from the comment section than you will from my post, no doubt.


Hi folks! I’m sure everyone out there is busy getting gear together. Between fabricating the scorpion shell for your new art car, obtaining replacement links for your geodesic dome and trying to learn to walk in stilts, you’ve probably been too busy to think about your bike. Your two-wheeled steed isn’t something to leave for last, though, so I thought I’d better bring it up.

Black Rock City is a city of bikes. You need a bike to get you to the hidden art in deep playa, or the dance party at 3:15&D, or back home before the windstorm hits. I consulted the Department of Public Works and the Green Bike Project staff, and we all came up with some suggestions to make your cycling experience muy fantastico. (more…)