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Larry Harvey Speaks at Burning Man’s Regional Culture Mixer

March 22nd, 2011  |  Filed under Events/Happenings

If you’re into Burning Man culture and its place in the global community — and you live in the Bay Area — you’ll want to attend this great event on April 1st, including a thought-provoking talk by Larry Harvey on the future of Burning Man.

Free Talk by Larry Harvey
The Convectional Caucus

A Burning Man Regional Culture Mixer
WHEN: Friday, April 1st, 6PM-9PM
WHERE: Bently Reserve, 400 Sansome Street, SF

This is a free, private event.  If you wish to attend, you must RSVP to: caucus-rsvp here: caucus-rsvp (at)

Join us for this very special event!  This social mixer is a rare opportunity to meet the visiting 150+ Regional Contacts and community leaders from all over the world! They will be in town to participate in the 5th Annual Regional Network Leadership Summit. Designed to strengthen and spread Burning Man’s culture, the Summit is an opportunity for the visiting Regionals to learn from one another and to be inspired by the Bay Area Burning Man community.

On display will be a cross-section of our cultural fabric from around the Bay Area. Community organizations, Burning Man departments, related non-profits, and art groups will be on hand to share their missions and goals for the future. They will be displaying materials expressive of their methodology for both Regionals and you to absorb and take home, inspiring growth in world-wide Burner culture and events.

At approximately 7:30PM, Larry Harvey will speak, addressing the future of Burning Man’s culture and community in this ever-changing world.

We hope you’ll join us on the 1st to learn and share what you know. Help us take a monumental step into the future of our global culture!

This is a free and private event.

Because there are ONLY 500 spots available, PLEASE RSVP!

Please RSVP to caucus-rsvp here: caucus-rsvp (at)

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  1. Joel "Cowboy" McNabb Says:

    Looking forward to the collaboration of hearts souls and minds.

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  2. Lance Leopold Says:

    This is a very important meeting for this day and age, to happen at this time. Peace,Peace,Peace

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