February 10th, 2011  |  Filed under Culture (Art & Music)

Dr. Dre vs. Larry Harvey in Thunderdome: 2011

February 10th, 2011  |  Filed under Culture (Art & Music)

In response to the very cogent argument that Dr. Dre started Burning Man, our friend Dasha at BMHQ says:

In the Aftermath of the blog post indicating that

Dr. Dre started Burning Man

those of us at BMHQ are On The Boulevard trying to set the story straight.

I mean,

What’s the Difference between Larry Harvey and Dr. Dre? You Got Me Open

to answer on that one! It’s clear that there’s plenty of Sexy Dance

at Burning Man and with Dre, and frankly

The Next Episode of this could be played out at the Thunderdome

in Black Rock City.

For us, really, it’s all Been There Done That…we figure

it’ll all come out in The Wash, but we are sure of one thing:

Burning Man will be as Xplosive as ever in 2011.

All my California Love:

~ Dasha G.

85 Responses to “Dr. Dre vs. Larry Harvey in Thunderdome: 2011”

  1. simon of the playa Says:

    and so the disinformation begins….

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  2. J West Says:

    ?? So what is the straight answer on this? Is it true or false?

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  3. Travis Says:

    Fantastically written, Dasha.

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  4. DustyHugs Says:

    Did I miss the answer???

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  5. valerie foussias ~ Lady V Says:

    The question is not Who started Burning Man. The question is: Is Dr. Dre getting millions in profits from the ticket sales every year??!!!

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  6. ronjon Says:

    J West, you should know by now that everything you hear about Burning Man is true.

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  7. mizL Says:

    da duh da duh da, its the mother fuckin BRC!

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  8. disco Says:

    True or false? Why does it matter?

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  9. Will Says:

    It’s not really that well written Dasha cause we are still left hanging whether this info is true or not. Is it? True or False. Please answer .

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  10. Thunderpants Says:

    Is Dr. Dre really a doctor?

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  11. dean jordan Says:

    I love our city! I love it when people get all worked up over stuff like this! Yet another amazing creation myth!

    Never a dull moment in our fair city!

    Yay us!

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  12. toots Says:

    the whole idea and concept used to be awesome, now it seems ridiculous especially with dre involved. $$$ is all they want. boycott this shit.

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  13. Mike Says:

    We’re not going to get an answer, and that’s kinda the point of this article.

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  14. ronnie Says:

    LOL @ thunderpants

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  15. Barn Door Says:

    I love you guys – each and every one of you!

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  16. Hijack Says:

    Well, it’s obvious, since Beyonce’ is just an illuminati puppet! If you go to Burning Man 2011 you are playing right into the hands of the New World Order and the United Nations! So please, go to church instead!

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  17. 2nafist Says:

    I Like this, I think larry harvey has been strapped with gats since dre was cuddling a cabbage patch.

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  18. aleXander Says:

    We were sure that the Burning Man event began during the making of Bob Hope & Bing Crosby’s “Road To Black Rock City” film. So much for the Audacity of Hope and Crosby.

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  19. Roman Manlord Says:

    What the hell does that even say?

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  20. Pantaloons Says:

    Splitters! It would seem that a successful Burning Man concept would spawn split-offs, some would leave the tribe and travel north, west, east, south and so, we have evolutionary branches.

    Dr Dre is a Trojan Horse designed to force a split between the lying dirty hippies and the rave kids leaving the city in the hands of the post-apocalyptic fire culture that would prefer a nice hot latte much closer to their camp on the outer ring thank you very much and can we get a hallelujah for more Megavolt and giant female forms in the freezing dawn desperate for more than 3 hours sleep before the sun forces us up and out of the unshielded dome that collects the heat and focuses it on your brain that is oh so low on vital fluids and BANG you are in the bright awful awesome power of the very thing that makes life possible the perfect distance from it creating a balance of light and dark cold and heat. And then you fall over from exhausted dehydration and somebody notices.

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  21. godzero Says:

    Dr Dre started the revolution in Egypt.

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  22. J Kanizzle Says:

    Does this mean Dre AND Daft Punk will be playing Opulent Temple this year?

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  23. capton Says:

    Dre is AT NEXUS Friday

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  24. whatever Says:

    Here comes the identity crisis…

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  25. simon of the playa Says:

    “All them little gangstas. Who you think helped mold ‘em all. Now you wanna run around and talk about guns. Like I ain’t got none. What you think I sold ‘em all after 96′?”

    Larry Harvey, overheard at the Autumnal Equinox G’s Up ho’s down Buttah Party and Fun Raiser.

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  26. ima burner Says:

    i’ve got bigger fish to fry.

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  27. burningmanmike Says:

    dr. dre & dr. phil share practice out of the same office.

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  28. piko! Says:

    Does anyone really care?

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  29. Quixotic Frisson Says:

    These comments are making miss all you playa people – hilarious!

    I always knew Dre was a closet burner anyway…

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  30. Cameron St-Denis Says:

    burning man is a gorgeous endeavour with the meetings and events that take place within the Black Rock City walls during the days of passage, however, from an artists stand point.
    the cost of entering the festival is roughly 500$ in Canadian funds not including costs of getting down to the event,

    Organizers and booking agents have claimed to certain artists i know anyway (maybe it was a nice way of saying no but) that it is a gathering of free love and that music pros should take that in light and not ask for compensation to play the event, that being said.

    Why the fuck do they need to charge 500$ (cdn) at the gate? I understand there is expenses following the needs of a festival this big. but why… can that not be included in the arts? which the festival is about? oh and as far as security goes, they have 5 different police branches on outside security which the state the feds and the military all pay them so there is some money cut out, dont get me wrong either, art is art and should be free.
    but when you have the calibre of acts playing there, help with how THESE ARTISTS make their living off of events like this.

    so where does the money go?

    dont get me wrong there isnt a chance that i wont be hanging out within those walls. of black rock city and I really love Dr.Dre as an artist but i wonder if he was booked to play this event if he would be paid. or at least EXPECT to be paid (more)



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  31. Cameron St-Denis Says:

    also i am sorry for regarding our home as an event. i just write what i right.

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  32. Also Says:

    And I totally saw Daft Punk at Burning Man – I have a bumper sticker that proves it and everything!

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  33. Buff Sanitized Says:

    I heard it was actually Donald Trump, but that he was using Dre as his mule.

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  34. Joshua "2.0" Says:

    I don’t care who “started” Burningman.
    I don’t even really care if Harvey or some other hipster is rolling phat off the gate butter….
    I can deal with “dirty hippies” and “raver kids” too…
    All I care about is that there is NO MONEY on the Playa and that the ART continues to drive the vibe…

    I went to Coachella last year and it was a fucking disaster.
    A sewer of overindulgence and overpriced shit food.
    It took 6 hours to get into the event and was a total cluster fuck design.
    To see BM artists out there was bittersweet.
    Good on ya for getting some cash to fund your projects…
    But the Orange County teenagers high on E – running around with their mommies credit cards did not remotely appreciate the ART!

    I say if Dre or any other celebs want to join us Playans they can sack up, buy a ticket, throw down a tent and eat dust like the rest of us.
    A few days shitting in a trusty blue piss box might remind them they’re shit stinks too…

    See you beautiful whitty dancing dust warriors soon. I miss you all! [[2.0]]

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  35. Krysp Says:

    Is it just me or…. I read the posting a few times and got less out of it each time.
    Oh, wait! Could this be an expression of confusion?

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  36. simon of the playa Says:

    “I say if Dre or any other celebs want to join us Playans they can sack up, buy a ticket, throw down a tent and eat dust like the rest of us.
    A few days shitting in a trusty blue piss box might remind them they’re shit stinks too…”


    fifty scents, maybe….

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  37. xeno Says:

    false. Obviously. Have you BEEN to the event, this is the standard rumor mill practical joking.

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  38. Gwen Smith Says:

    So wait, who started Burning Man? Dr. Dre? Who? Dr. Who? Which Doctor? A witch doctor started Burning Man? It all makes sense now.

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  39. Tomcat Says:

    Who the hell is this Dre guy? I googled and all I could come up with is he’s some guy who sold mix tapes at a swap meet back in the 80s???


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  40. Marcus Ossowski Says:

    Read from bottom to top.

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  41. OldFart Says:

    Who the F is this Dre character anyway? Is he a Dr.? What kind of name is Dre? It would be good to know where the money goes, do taxes get paid? Why arent there more black citizens on the playa? Looks pretty lily to me. Should I go again?

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  42. simon of the playa Says:


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  43. BlackBox Says:

    Is that poetry or an answer? No wonder us liberals keep gettting our asses handed to us. Did you stop to think that maybe someone should proofread your “art”. Maybe next time, huh?

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  44. Roxaboxenbrc Says:

    Cooooooooool! Yay! I always knew this was not a KKK party. Where are the bros’? I heard Mrs. Sarah Palin will be there this year with all her survival gear including shotgun. Anyone in the know?

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  45. Max Says:

    I don’t know if anybody took seriously that story – c’mon, pple, nicely written to stir up folks in the middle of winter – fill up your glass, lit up your thing, enjoy life – see ya in the dust

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  46. scott Says:

    Doctor who started it all not dre, do none of remember stepping into the Tardis and be taken on a journey through time and space, finding yourself with memories that you can’t quite remember of experiences that juat don’t seem humanly possible?

    And the Man burns on Wednesday this year temple on sat.

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  47. simon of the playa Says:

    and this year the Rocket actually Lifts Off.

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  48. Big Brother Says:

    It is absolutely true. It’s been written up on the Burning Man website (since removed), and I saw it on CNN last night.

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  49. simon of the playa Says:


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  50. anita doobie Says:

    i don’t know how people can be so flippant about this shit. some punk like dre making tons of money off the talent and hard work of burners while doing absolutely nothing for it? i smell a lawsuit somewhere.

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  51. whatever Says:

    it’s false, but they don’t want to say so because it might make more people buy a burning man ticket. That’s capitalism ;)

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  52. DrJohnieFever Says:

    To quote one of my favorite Bands from MidWest “Please no more California Songs and F*€{ New York too.”

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  53. squeak Says:

    of course it’s true. now just watch the bmorg deny it. Proof!!!!!!!!

    (seriously, how high *are* some of you people?)

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  54. 0rland01 Says:

    All true about The Good Doctor. He stopped by Camp Decimation last year. I made him eggs. Over easy.

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  55. jp Says:

    Yea right

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  56. Marisa Says:

    Dear Dr. Dre & Mr. Harvey,

    You bring the rage, we’ll bring the dome.


    Camp Operations Manager

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  57. jp Says:

    Now this one is easy to figure out just look up what the date was of the video shoot and if it was really shot in the Nevada dessert and you will.find the answer

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  58. crankful Says:

    So JP I think you stumbled on it!!!! Dr. D is really the owner of Baskin-Robbins and we know hot it gets at BRC!!!

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  59. simon of the Playa Says:

    i miss the dairy queen on Virginia in Reno…Number #1 i think it was, in the shadow of the Circus Circus Clown, they closed it down, they closed it down….

    It’s a fucking conspiracy, and this whole Rebel-Lation only reinforces my belief system.

    i cant go into detail here, THEY’RE watching.

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  60. T Says:

    For those of you who didn’t think Dasha’s answer was a brilliant response to a ridiculous notion, please read it again – while paying close attention to which words she capitalizes. Then google the names of Dr. Dre songs. Then gift Dasha a drink.

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  61. westsiiiiiiide Says:

    word! and i hope dre kicks the !@#$#$%)$%*)#$%*@)*%$#hit outta that other guy, larry what’shisname???

    on that worldwide sh**************t!

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  62. Bascheeee Says:

    @toots… why would we boycott a place on earth where people can come and express themselves openly, be embraced by a community that LOVES them regardless of where their from, how they speak, how they look, or even how they act? A place where so much ingenuity and creation come together to manifest a truly beautiful surrounding… Because someone’s getting paid for it? Because someone had an amazing idea, brought the required elements together, and made a profit for it? That argument doesn’t really make sense to me… regardless of who’s getting paid, Burning Man is beautiful, and I really do pity anyone who CHOOSES to see anything other then that. Much Love. =)

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  63. Austin Michael Kurtz Says:


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  64. simon of the playa Says:

    yeah, “AUSTIN” huh?

    Mr. Ely Lilly white milque toast….

    watch out or you’ll get a mushroom cap in yo’ ass and see some COLOR, motherUcker.

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  65. simon of the playa Says:

    what you think, we ain’t got squirt guns? like they SOLD them all at Albertsons?

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  66. simon of the playa Says:

    on the Playa, it’s the only place where Crips and Bloods are united.

    we the Cruds.

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  67. sunny Says:

    the letter is dated February
    burning man is in August
    a sucker will believe anything in the face of facts

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  68. simon of the playa Says:

    did you see the Grammy Awards Sunny?

    nuff’ said.

    All Hail Dre, Mother Uckers.

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  69. Super Evil Brian Says:

    @ J Kanizzle I happened to have Daft Punk playing when I read that. Everyone knows Dr. Hunter S. Thompson and Dr. Dre masterminded Burning Man, the New World Order, the Tea Party (as a distraction for the dumb ones) and they started and are still running the Illuminati.

    Everything on the Internet is true, of course, unlike something people used to stare dumbly at a long time ago. I think it was called television.

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  70. Sticky Says:

    Oh, come on people!!!!!!

    Everybody knows that AL GORE invented Burning Man!


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  71. Madtazzle Says:

    c’mon people. Read the letter that Dre supposedly wrote. It is dated February, 1996 when he supposedly discovers the playa and allegedly decides to capitalize it. Burning Man in February? I don’t think so… maybe he’s making money off of some other “crazy naked motherfuckers in the desert”…. but this doesn’t fly. Also, in the letter, Dre is talking about Tupac being featured in the song California Love, which wasnt even determined until Pac got out of jail. This was written to get your Playa dust filled panties in a wad. And the response by Black Rock City neither denies or confirms it, because I think they like the fact that someone else has become a scapegoat for robbing you blind when you get to the gate. Blame the black man!

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  72. Madtazzle Says:

    Oh and by the way, Dasha’s answer, if you look at it closely, is brilliant.

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  73. simon of the playa Says:

    MadTazzle works for Steven Tyler and American Idol and is a professional Dis-Informationist.

    he also used to shoot down UFO stories, but has moved on, since everybody Knows ET lives amongst us.

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  74. seannarae Says:

    I don’t believe that man has *ever* been to medical school.

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  75. Kobes Says:

    Well busta cap in my ass!!!

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  76. Lucideo Says:

    burningman is less attractive now knowing that my money is going to a rich black guy who turns gangsters into stars when he knows they are going to get shot the next day

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  77. simon of the playa Says:

    Lucideo, would it help if i told you 50 cent is going to be leading Rap-Drum Circles at Center Camp every Afternoon?

    bring your bling.

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  78. simon of the playa Says:

    obviously, the dark lords of the illuminati have decided to fight this rumor, but it won’t work…



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  79. M. DK Says:

    Way to not answer the question Mr. President.

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  80. Flipit Says:

    Here’s the zapruder film: Dre and Em at Opulent Temple in 2001


    Personal to cameron:

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  81. Reno Sparks Says:

    Madtazzle is right-blame on the black man indeed! You ever seen a black man at BM? Number Seven, of the 10 Principles is, “No black men at BM”. Of course, it’s not a black guy getting rich off BM it’s a white guy. Relax.

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  82. simon of the playa Says:


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  83. simon of the playa Says:

    now THAT’s funny.

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  84. anonymous Says:

    Idk, the video was shot in April of 1995 making it completely viable for them to be scouting locations in feb. A rap shoot at that time took maybe a day.

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  85. Campfiregurlz Says:

    I don’t care who profits from it. What I do care about is the cost of tickets. Why are they so much? To pay the staffers at the home office or support a third-world country?

    The work on the playa is done almost entirely by volunteers – all of the positions at the burn are manned by volunteers, even center camp. There isn’t anything that requires paid vendors or staff –

    Yes, they do maintain the port-a-potties and yes that is a must; but come on… $295-$350 per ticket x 51,500+ people =$15,192,500 to $18,025,000+ per burn. For that amount of profit I want a personal porta-bidet with dyson jet dryer and a shower, at least, please!

    It’s the ultimate business plan. Virtually no overhead, all volunteer staff = successful business = filthy rich. Good on ya – wish I’d thought of it. I say lower the ticket prices to something more reasonable – even $150 per person would still net a tidy profit.

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