August 13th, 2010  |  Filed under Participate!

Winners–2010 Video Acculturation Series

August 13th, 2010  |  Filed under Participate!

This year, we had four awesome categories and many great submissions. We have selected four award-winning videos—fulfilling us beyond our wildest dreams with entertaining, educational media about playa culture.

Here’s a toast to these wonderful works and to the many more that are circulating out there!

Film Categories & Selected Winners:

+ Acculturation: What did you wish you had known before you got to Black Rock City?

WINNER IS: Gifting by Halcyon

“Gifting” – by Halcyon from Belief Buffet on Vimeo.

+ Ten Principles: Would you illustrate or teach others about one or any of our principles?

WINNER IS: Jewish Motherly Advice at Burningman by Lisa Shroeder and JTA (Radical Self-Expression)

+ History: Got a classic piece of video that illustrates a special piece of art, theme camp, or performance and why it matters to you?

WINNER IS: Burned By Desire (2009 webstream of the Burn) -Experimental

Burned by Desire from ViViDeo on Vimeo.

+ “We Are Everywhere”: Burning Man happens every day, all over the world. How can you explain what Burning Man is beyond the week in the desert?

WINNER IS: Gifted-Burning Man Values Go Global by

14 Responses to “Winners–2010 Video Acculturation Series”

  1. BrotherMichael Says:

    this was highly entertaining and extremely satisfying to watch.
    these two are magic.

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  2. Mr. Big Shot Says:

    I loved them all, but I watched “Gifted” over and over yesterday. Excellent.

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  3. Chief Rolling Bear Says:

    Oh jewish mother how I love you so. an amazing glance at how social constructions are demolished and reborn at BRC. everyone needs a mom from time to time, so its fitting that a playa mommy would be so charismatic and comforting. love!

    also halcyon is so legit, love that guy’s wisdom and ability to express

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  4. Kallie3000 Says:

    Thank you so much for bringing the Burn feeling into my default world.

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  5. SluttyGoat Says:

    I got a little teary-eyed watching these. Halcyon’s gifting talk was pure wisdom. I was already excited to be on the Playa… these vids sent that excitement through the roof!

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  6. Paperboy Says:

    Best explanation of gifting ever! Thank you Halcyon and all the other participants!

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  7. Sagian Says:

    Can’t believe I’m not able to go this year. :( So sad. But thank you for posting these little reminders of how to live in gratitude, on the playa and for those of us stuck at home. Love, love, love Halcyon….i want him as my next door neighbor!

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  8. John Curley Says:

    I love these, and yes, Halcyon really nailed it.

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  9. Sydney Chandler Says:

    I’m happy that Halcyon explained about gifting. I had been wondering about that and after listening to him I now have a clear understanding of what gifting means, not only on the playa but in our day to day lives as well. Thank you so much. <3

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  10. Sydney Chandler Says:

    Oops! The <3 was supposed to turn into a heart. *blush* :o)

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  11. Rebecca Says:

    Halcyon thank you for sharing your light and love! I will be a first time burner this year and your words felt like open arms of welcome! I can’t wait!

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  12. ~lancho! Says:

    live it!

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  13. David Mau Says:

    I like the content, I’ve learned a new thing with this part. Hopefully, many more article to be post here. reborn toddler

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  14. Ozzy Girl Seattle WA Says:

    Thank you for sharing these. I want to go home.

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