August 28th, 2010  |  Filed under Building BRC

The Man abides

August 28th, 2010  |  Filed under Building BRC

The Man is up and looking pretty damn sharp. By day, he is all shimmering silver and gray, and at night, he’s aglow in all his green, pink and aqua goodness.

The gargoyles have been put in place, and Flash seems happy. Would the gargoyles be too big and draw too much attention to themselves? Or would they be too small and be lost in the massiveness of the structure? There was no way of knowing in advance, really. But now that they’ve been mounted into place, it’s easy to see that they work. They’re watchful, and poised for flight.

Kudos, Flash, for the instincts to make it come out right.

The Man base is painted in a dull flat gray, the color of concrete and skyscrapers. … And then out beyond is the Temple, the just-dead-on-perfect counterpoint to the hulking brutishness of the big city.

Are you excited about coming yet?

We’ve all been watching the weather reports. This morning, the Weather Underground said there was a 50 percent chance of precipitation for both Saturday and Sunday. As of Saturday evening, we hadn’t had any measurable rain. But the predictions were upgraded late in the day to an 80 percent chance of precipitation (!) for tonight. So things may get very interesting over the next couple of days.

All day, people were sensing the change. “It smells like rain,” they’d say. And we’d agree that it was a good smell, all clean and cool. Cool might be too weak a term: It’s positively brisk today. Sweatshirt weather.

There was a massive whiteout in the middle of the day, and I think we all thought the rain would hit us then. But it didn’t.

So we don’t know what will happen tonight, or tomorrow, or tomorrow night at midnight when the gates open. It might be muddy (or whatever you call the playa when it gets wet. It’s like instant cement, tho. Every step you take adds another inch of goo to the bottom of your shoes. Soon you’re wearing platforms.) But it seems pretty clear that it’s going to be chilly.

And of course leave it to us to be cheesy and sentimental and say that no matter how cold the night may be, it’ll be warm inside when you get here.

See you soon.

14 Responses to “The Man abides”

  1. jon Says:

    gargoyles look awesome.. perfect size and right on. nice to see The Man now has a protective ring of soldiers… ready to welcome friends and burn together.

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  2. BeCuz Says:

    Wow. good morning all..

    early morning here in the east and I am excited, but alas, I am not able to burn with you once again this year… But, my most favorite nephew is on his way from Seattle… I am so very excited for him.. is is rising up early this morning to start on his journey home…

    mmmmmmmmmm burn well

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  3. Mindy Says:

    Wow raining hard here in the north valleys of Reno currently 48. We are all ready to go, put everything in the burb and we will be leaving here tomorrow at 4 a.m. Can’t wait to see you all! It will be wonderful cement and all

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  4. Ulli from germany Says:

    Man, I miss you. Was there in 2009 and I’m soooo sad that I can’t be there this year. It’s too expensive to do every year from germany. But I will go there again. Have fun.

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  5. Jackie Says:

    Looks fantastic! I adore the gargoyles–they’re perfect.

    It’ll be interesting to experience chilly weather during the day. Burning Man is so good at reminding me to roll with things, and unpredictable weather is one of the best triggers for letting go.

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  6. Chris Johnson Says:

    It is looking great you guys!!! I cannt wait Tuesday morning needs to be here like now! I have a great feeling about this year! )’(

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  7. Taariq Says:

    The gargoyles are insane!! Check out the burning man rainbow

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  8. Peter Rocco Says:

    Thanks for the great pics and story so far . Burn on all you lovely helpers and participants. Huggles from Camp Envy.

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  9. Judy Robins Says:

    Love “Bliss”, great job! Man is lookin good as well. Wish I was there. An old burner.

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  10. PK Says:

    the Gargoyles were created by DANA ALBANY, Flash’s girlfriend.

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  11. PK Says:

    clarification on the gargoyle credit: Curley’s writing seemed to suggest that Flash built them. -PK

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  12. John Curley Says:

    thanks for the clarification, pk …


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  13. thrhtrurth Says:

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  14. Amed Says:

    Amazing people make the world wonderful,in art and peace…
    Bravo to all
    hope one day will join you lol

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