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The art and artists

August 30th, 2010  |  Filed under Building BRC

Bliss Dance in the daytime (photo by Tod Seelie)

We got out and about a little bit before the official start of Burning Man, and we got to talk to some of the artists and see some of the big pieces that are gracing the playa this year. We also were lucky enough to collaborate with Tod Seelie, the amazing Brooklyn photographer who’s been documenting underground culture for the past decade. Welcome aboard, Tod, and we thank you!

Bliss Dance at dawn (photo by John Curley)

Working on "Bliss Dance." From the artist, Marko Cochrane: I've worked on “Bliss Dance” every day since last year's Burning Man. It's composed of 55,000 welds, mostly done by hand. It's 40 feet tall, weighs 7,000 pounds and is 97% air. The design is based around the structures of geodesic domes, and 4,500 of the ball joints are threaded to attach the steel mesh “skin” with screws. I used to do a lot of scale enlarging professionally, the original sculpture this was based on was 13 inches. I then made a 4 foot version and then this final 40 foot sculpture. It is supported by six I-beams buried 2 feet under the surface in a radial pattern." (TS)

It wasn't the worst thing in the world to take a rest in a hammock in the far reaches of the playa. (JC)

Four steel obelisks stand sentry in the outer reaches of the city (JC)

"Future's Past" by Kate Raudenbush. From the artist: “I conceived of it in October of last year, and thought I was going to do different things, and then I finally decided on this idea in January. It was a response to the Metropolis theme, a fallen civilization being reclaimed by nature. That was my jumping off point, so what I decided to do was create a structure that was reminiscent of the pyramids of the Mayans or of ancient Egypt or of Angor. I've been to both Mexico and Cambodia and have seen both those types, and am trying to have both that familiar architectural shape and yet using modern circuitry designs and building that into a twelve-foot black pyramid to make it look like a circuit board with circuitry. But the circuitry would have symbolism built into it from different cultures, different textiles, different countries and then very free-form petroglyphic references."(TS)

Kate doing final preparations on "Future's Past." There's a 12-foot pyramid base, "a nod to the past great civilizations and echoes the architectural form of a renowned collapsed culture: the Maya. Above, a 10-foot symbol of enlightenment - a Bodhi tree - grows out of this modern ruin, like the roots around the Temple Ta Prohm in Cambodia, signaling an archaic revival of the natural world over the man-made." (JC)

"Future's Past" aglo (TS)

Setting up inside the base of the "Future's Past" pyramid (JC)

"Minaret" by Bryan Tedrick is a 50-foot tower that can climb on the outside to the midpoint, then get inside and ascend to the stainless steel dome on top. "The tower is in six sections: The three at the bottom are based on the vertebra of a lion ... the upper three sections are painted to resemble snake skin and are smooth on the exterior." (JC)

"Home," by Michael Christian. From the artist statement: "The pieces are spheroidal shapes created with designs based on maps of cities from around the world, line drawings of streets, rivers, lakes, buildings, etc. A brilliant light at its center will shine through the cracks and spaces similar to the light and energy that every city has." (JC)

Visitors will be able to spin the sphere in the center. (JC)

Michael Christian, at "Home" in the desert. (JC)

14 Responses to “The art and artists”

  1. oleg Says:

    Wait for me

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  2. Brenda Jauman Says:

    Can hardly wait!!!!!!!!

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  3. Ben Says:

    See you guys in 14 hours.

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  4. Taariq Says:

    Wow!! For more on the burning man view

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  5. George C. Says:

    My brother (Marco) is an awesome guy, but I don’t think I’ve ever been prouder of him than I am today. Tonight, I see it in person! YYYYEEEE HAWWWWWW

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  6. Larr Says:

    So stoked!
    This year’s work looks to be the best yet!
    Thanks for the preview.
    See you all at home Wednesday morning.

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  7. Jack Cutterswine Says:

    Someone please give HOME a spin for me.

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  8. Don Cochrane Says:

    This is a little mixed up. It says:
    ….”the original sculpture this was based on was 13 inches. I then made a 4 foot version and then this final 40 foot sculpture.”
    It should say:
    ….”the original sculpture this was based on was 4 feet. I then made a 13 foot version and then this final 40 foot sculpture.”
    Here is the 4 foot bronze:
    Here is the 13 foot piece, which was made for creating molds:

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  9. Booka Bickar Says:

    The artistry, creativity, & beauty of these pieces is mind expanding to behold. I am Deeply awed.

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  10. Barefootmamma Says:

    Kate I love love love love Futures Past. I am at home listening to BMIR since I can not be there with all of you in BRC. And I heard you come on the air so I had to go see it! It is breathtaking! Thank you so much!

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  11. gaspablue Says:

    such an expansive realm of creativity.
    “Bliss Dance” is by far my favorite.
    “Future’s Past” is amazing.
    “Home” gives a sense of unity & even more so with every spin by burners hands. Kore, i hope you give the sphere a spitfire spin b4 it’s over & i know u r having a fab experience.
    it’s great to have such a talented collaboration of beautiful, expressive artists. thank you for sharing.
    there in spirit…maybe next year eh. ciao. – G

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  12. jeremiah abrams Says:

    this year’s art=a real achievement, thank you to all the artists… and Kate Raudenbush =sheer genius! Bravo!

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  13. Mary Says:

    Bliss dance was stunning on Monday…the day we left. Beautifu, purple balloons embraced her in all her glory! Amazing!!!!!

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  14. Keith Williams Says:

    Kate, it was an honor to meet you, thank you for the beauty and love.

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