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Out at the edge of the city … another city

August 26th, 2010  |  Filed under Building BRC

They’re the outlaw project, or maybe just old school Burning Man. They’re the wild West, with infusions from all over the world, most notably New Zealand and Ireland. They’re the gang at the far end of the playa, building the huge project with the tiny budget. Megatropolis.

Five buildings will light up the far reaches of Black Rock City, each of them huge, and the tallest rising almost five stories above the desert floor.

The crew has a crackerjack core of carpenters and builders, but a bigger bunch of people who are willing to do a lot of hard work and take direction. But the size of the crew is minuscule compared to some of the other projects here. They’re about 20 strong, give or take.

And they’ve done it with very little money, too. Most of the leaders of the project are into it in the thousands of dollars already (but it’s not too late to help, by the way. Go to the Megatropolis web page to contribute).

Otto Von Danger and Kiwi are the lead dogs. They met at the regional burn in New Zealand this year, and the plans took shape. Build another city inside of Black Rock City, in the year of Metropolis.

Some of the buildings are recognizable, like the Transamerica Pyramid. Others are more iconic: the smokestack, the apartment building and the mega mall. In the center sits the tower, the biggest of the buildings and the one where you’ll be able to get a ride to the top on a scissor lift.

The whole city will be lit from the inside as well as the outside. It’ll be glowing in the distance, and the colors will be changing regularly. Oh, and there will be fire and fireworks — lots of both! — when the city is burned on Friday night of the event.

In the dust and the wind of the first couple of days, the generator was balky.

The construction camp is rough around the edges. It doesn’t have the amenities of the other big projects of its kind. There are some chairs and couches, some of which were apparently used in some sort of fire safety demonstration the first time they were on the playa.The overall impression that it’s a rough place to be.

None of it seems to matter. With Otto’s ingenious methods of getting what he needs, and Kiwi’s indefatigable spirit, the buildings have risen. Kamikazi Kelly is in the group, too, pushing the stone up the hill.

It’s really happening out there, against really long odds. And it makes you feel good to see a bunch of old-timey burners get together on a lark and put up a major installation out here.

The camp was small to start with, and never got very much bigger.



10 Responses to “Out at the edge of the city … another city”

  1. KBreezy Says:

    Sounds amazing! I actually work for Transamerica in downtown LA. A 8×10 picture will have to be made of this one.

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  2. Rev. Jimmy James Says:

    Time Lapse of Burning man sign 2010

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  3. ranger osho Says:

    You guys are heros.

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  4. Karuna Says:

    True Burner spirit alive and thriving – great to get the back story on the art work!

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  5. Homiesinheaven Says:

    you guys are so bad ass! cant wait to see it!!!

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  6. Katie Smailes Says:

    Looking good guys! Looks awesome to those of us who have been seeing the pieces come together!
    <3 katie (tuesday's cousin!)

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  7. JUST Monk (dammit) Says:

    One heck of a crew. Probably the one main art piece I regret I’m not gonna get to see this year.

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  8. Danny Boy Says:

    You guys are my idols!!!!! Nxt year baby…. next year!!!!!

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  9. Skat Says:

    Looks so epic, good work kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  10. MadMaxine Says:

    Damn you guys, NOW I’m feelin’ blue that I’m missing the burn this year! I hope there will be something like this next year, but I know I’m just SOL. But my spirit is out there with ya. Rawk on, Otto, KK, and all!

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