August 16th, 2010  |  Filed under Building BRC

Getting ready for the Man

August 16th, 2010  |  Filed under Building BRC

So we went out to the Man Base in the heat of the day, and the crew was cooking, figuratively and almost literally. (It was allegedly 99 degrees in Gerlach, but it felt like 119 on the playa.)

A week ago, on the day the fence went up, there was only the Golden Spike. Today, three of the four levels are already in place, and the fourth was lying upside down on the ground, waiting to be flipped over and eventually plopped on top of the others.

The lower level of the Man Base is 15 feet high, the middle two are 14 feet each, and the top one is 20 feet, including the base. It’s an impressive and imposing sight. When the Man himself is put on top, the whole thing will be more than six stories high.
The design for the base is somewhat reminiscent of the obelisk of 2008‘s American Dream. But there won’t be flags running down the exterior. Instead, at least from the  design illustrations, the finished product will evoke the feeling of a Deco skyscraper.

The Metropolis base is also being built differently than the American Dream base. The 2008 structure was constructed on its side, then raised into place. This year, the four sections are being constructed upside down, then flipped and set one on top of the other.

Big Stick and the Heavy Equipment crew were there Monday to get the fourth level into an upright position. It was dangerous work, involving three cranes and mandatory hard hats. Your correspondent was kept 50 feet away from the proceedings for his own safety.

While the crane operators were tilting the base, the Man crew was hammering, nailing, hauling, carrying and generally moving full steam ahead. There are stairways up the center of the structure, and observation platforms on each level. Today it was time to attach the guardrails, and while things seemed to fit together well, it was still awkward and hot work getting the big slabs into place.

Roo's belt showed how much equipment has to be near at hand.

It would appear that things are going according to plan.

One of the Man Base vehicles featured a back seat driver.

16 Responses to “Getting ready for the Man”

  1. affinity Says:

    John: The photos are gorgeous, it is like I am there with the Build! Thanks for sharing your gift and thanks to the Man Base Crew for gettin it done!

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  2. Suz Kaufman Says:

    It feeds my soul to see the beauty of the construction! Thank you for the pictures XOOXXXOO

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  3. Robin Fields Says:

    I feel like I’m cheating by looking at the photos! I just couldn’t help myself! I appreciate all the hard work people do to get BRC together, without you there is no us.

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  4. xhoosier Says:

    can’t wait to see the big man in person!

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  5. Mike Hedge Says:

    some wild shots. the Man tower is huge!

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  6. Lizard Says:

    Dang, I wish I were there already! My man is running one of those cranes. Some kind of skill goes into all that rigging. And what photos!

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  7. Marisa Meizlish Says:

    Thank you, thank you! Your early efforts are exciting and inspiring – can’t wait to see the finished structure, less than 2 weeks!

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  8. kennat Says:

    50′ restraining order? upside down man base? hot!

    country road, take me home.


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  9. Anthony Bondi Says:

    I like the innovation of setting the base at a 45 degree angle, instead of upright as usual.

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  10. Raine Says:

    I’m with Robin on this….I feel like I’m cheating, but I can’t help myself!! Amazing photos– thank you so much for continuing to share!!

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  11. Doug T Says:

    Getting goosebumps. My art project — Polygonia — gets sited around the Man Base this year. Four mini-sites, 100′ off each corner of the base. We are in our last week of work — and everyone is completely exhausted — but it is truly an honor to get such awesome placement. (Especially for someone who’s only been to BM once and has never done ANY kind of art project before!) Really, really looking forward to seeing what the residents of BRC can create with all of our building pieces. Load-up is Saturday…. see you all on Wed!!!!!!

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  12. Hotsprings Tim Says:

    Holy Shit, Batman!!! Fabulous work. Looks like steel is involved. Wish I was there, seeing these build pics. Thanks for the blog for those of us missing Early Man.

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  13. amy ornoski Says:

    i am trying to find a way to post petting services for burners..maybe the editors can reply to my email and work something out with me . i have been going to brc for the last 13 yrs in a row . i am unable to go this year , and so i was hoping maybe i could care for some of the critters that get left behind . it is 3 am as i write this ,sorry if its a bit spacey….
    maybe i can post my services , similar to the way ride share posts work ,just contact me so i can get pointed in the right direction , and help my fellow burners who might not have confirmed care taker for their pets
    thank you

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  14. C-Virgin-Knesal Says:

    WOW Man! Thanks!

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  15. Showerboy Says:

    Thank you guys! I get that “night before going to Disneyland” feeling when I see these photos. Awesome!

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    explained, keep it up all the time.

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