June 9th, 2010  |  Filed under Culture (Art & Music), Events/Happenings

FIGMENT – Governors Island This Weekend

June 9th, 2010  |  Filed under Culture (Art & Music), Events/Happenings

Last Week we told you FIGMENT was coming to Boston, well now we are here to tell you it is coming BIG this weekend on Governors Island in New York.   

FIGMENT is an annual arts event on Governors Island in New York, with artwork in every medium, from installation to performance to music to games and many things in between.

When the founders of FIGMENT began the event in 2007, their inspiration was to marry [BM]‐style do-ocracy, volunteerism, and the 10 principles with the prolific New York arts scene, and to build a new community for the participatory arts.  In 2010, the vast majority of the FIGMENT artists, and a growing number of FIGMENT volunteers, have never been to Burning Man, and there is a groundswell of enthusiasm for an increasing number of season long projects on the island.

This year’s FIGMENT includes a 2010 [BRAF] grant recipient 1000 Pieces, so check out the video and then go see the ART!

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  1. ilyse kazar Says:

    FIGMENT NYC dates are posted incorrectly. As per http://newyork.figmentproject.org/ the dates are June 10-12 on Governors Island (Fri-Sun, not Sat-Mon)

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