May 13th, 2010  |  Filed under Environment, Technology

Grassroots Mapping the Oil Spill in the Gulf Coast Region

May 13th, 2010  |  Filed under Environment, Technology

Oil Spill Mapping in the Gulf Coast Region Photo: Stewart Long

Last week Andrew Johnstone of Burning Man Earth said:

This morning Stewart Long, who does all our hi res aerial stitching, flies out to Louisiana with equipment designed for BRC to provide imagery for the clean up efforts. I am again humbled that our efforts to record Black Rock City are applied to real world problems to make a tangible difference.

I knew that Burners around the world would want to know more about how Burners are taking it upon themselves to make a difference. Stewart says we can follow their mapping of the oil spill at Grassroots Mapping.  And here is Stewart’s report posted today:

One week into the grassroots mapping of the Gulf of Mexico crisis, the first local New Orleans team is now in place. Support coming in from regional agencies, fishermen, universities, various media: PBS: DIY Mappers.

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  1. MissMaidenUSA Says:

    Amazing imagery. It is so important to be able to follow the Grassroots efforts to help at this trying time. After looking at the images captured and posted to their website, it is obvious that they are working hard to catch the destruction that the oil spill is causing, and also to help the animals and birds that will need it. They are definitely doing a great job!

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