2010 Honorarium Art is UP!

Chrysler Building 2006 - photo by Pete Slingland
Chrysler Building 2006 - photo by Pete Slingland

It’s that time of year again, when just like that up goes the first page of fantastic ART that will grace the playa this year.

Beautiful, sublime, large and small, we have it all from Diamonds in the Sky, an Aeolian Pyrophonic Hall, to large expansive spaces and Infinitarium gardens sure make our Metropolis proud. There are Intersections and Monorails to nowhere, a Subway, even a Towering Inferno and various areas of aural and fire spectacular.

This year we have a Minaret in the Keyhole, a human scale Mant Farm, a new Temple of Flux, a Kinetic Cab Company and the long awaited return of Doctor Megavolt.

Needless to say, with this small glimpse of what is to come, Black Rock City will be hoppin’ this year.

I’ve just mentioned a small bit of what is in store so CHECK it all out for yourself and get your inspiration on for what YOU will be bringing out to Burning Man this year.

About the author: Moze

Mosbaugh aka Moze is a San Francisco heretic and writer who spends his time producing pornographic puppet shows, writing novels and dark fairy tales and building art installations to haul out to the desert. He's been on the Burning Man webteam since aught two and serves as section manager for the art and afterburn sections, deputy image wrangler and overall whatever you need kind of guy. Moze has the complete works of Shakespeare on his iPhone and he's written for Piss Clear, the YEP and has been blogging about Burning Man since blogs came into existence. The Nebulous Entity first beckoned him into the community and he's been returning to the dry lake bed ever since.

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