March 11th, 2010  |  Filed under Culture (Art & Music)

Bliss Dance is emerging

March 11th, 2010  |  Filed under Culture (Art & Music)

Birthday Boy Lloyd Taylor working on Bliss Dance

A few weeks ago we went to a birthday party out on Treasure Island for our friend Lloyd Taylor.  The best part, aside from singing happy birthday and having cake and getting to know new friends was being in a working studio.  Lloyd is the Production Manager.

They are building “Bliss Dance”, and she is Marco Cochrane’s 40 foot tall vision.

As you can see from the photos here the statue is huge and beautiful.  40 feet is a lot of woman.

The goal is to bring Bliss Dance to [BM] 2010.  They have applied for an Art Grant and are waiting to hear the results of their application.

They have a great web site that has a fabulous gallery of photos of what is currently going on.  And on the best days, the web cam is working, so wander over and check it out


Last week Lloyd sent a note that said “With the arms and left leg mostly complete, we start the left upper torso this week. Soon we will be attaching some mesh skin and testing lighting. So come visit us at Bliss Dance on Treasure Island, help if you can or just chill in the great space with killer views.”

To contact them Click on 07 Project Links, and contact them on Facebook

8 Responses to “Bliss Dance is emerging”

  1. Andrew "Dragula" DelliColli Says:

    She is absolutely ethereal. I cannot wait to see her in person :)

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  2. Ali Baba Says:

    Looks awesome!

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  3. Joshua Says:

    I like her. Kinda hard to get to know. It’s nice.
    I wouldnt mind dancing around her : )

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  4. Fedor Says:

    Здесь есть о чём поспорить.

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  5. Andrew Reichart Says:

    Love ya, Marco! So glad to see your work at that scale (both in terms of public visibility & physical size)!

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  6. Freshie Says:

    Absolutely magnificent! I stopped by to see her progress as well in the studio, climbed inside her head John Milkovich-style and saw the world through her eyes. Very inspiring!

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  7. Alex J Lightle Says:

    The Second Construct by Marco Cochrane is underway and video clips of “Truth and Beauty” (her name) are being put out to view. Also pictures are being added, so check out this 55 foot beauty coming to life. Thankyou.

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