January 27th, 2010  |  Filed under Culture (Art & Music)

BBC Radio 1′s Burning Man Experience

January 27th, 2010  |  Filed under Culture (Art & Music)

BBC's Bobby FrictionThe UK’s BBC Radio 1 got brave, and sent Bobby Friction, one of their on-air DJs, across the pond to attend Burning Man for the first time in 2009, and to record his experience along the way. It’s fun to ride along with Bobby as he’s transfixed and transformed by the playa, Black Rock City, and Burners, while learning what Burning Man is all about.

You can listen to his podcast here.  (Note: it contains language that might offend some listeners.)

9 Responses to “BBC Radio 1′s Burning Man Experience”

  1. jher Says:

    Can you change the link to not include facebook in the url?

    It should be:


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  2. fri-'net-ik Says:

    Nice! However, I would recommend trimming out the facebook redirect stuff at the beginning of the real link.

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  3. Lucid Says:

    It really hit home when he started to talk about not getting a cell signal to talk to his wife and making him very sad…The same thing happened to me,first time I was ever away from her. I only stayed at BM for 3 days because of it….but will return in 2011 with a better understanding of myself!

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  4. jon Says:

    I couldn’t imagine not going with the one i love, i would be very un-organized!

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  5. Najeeb Says:

    I had AT&T coverage near 4 & E

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  6. FilmOnline Says:

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  7. Mister Jellyfish Says:

    For a man who makes his living with his wit and words, it was delightful to see him at a loss for them both at the end. Like his bump-set-spike had been deflated, leaving only an honest man, at peace with his own nature and glowing radiantly because of it.

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  8. audie wiley Says:

    stick your cellphone up your parterners ass that doesnt want to go,and go have fun, no need for cell service back in the 90,s, get the hint we are self relieant and better off that way, less rules and more FUN

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  9. obebrapor Says:

    Нужно посмотреть,Спасибо

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