December 18th, 2009  |  Filed under Culture (Art & Music), Events/Happenings

What the girls do in the off-season

December 18th, 2009  |  Filed under Culture (Art & Music), Events/Happenings

What does a Flaming Lotus Girl do for the holidays?  You’d think after manifesting yet another work of art she’d be able to take a break, but no – you just can’t keep a good girl down.

We are currently doing work of Angelic proportions!

Margaret making some sparks

Margaret making sparks - photo by Matt Silvey

New Angelic Body

Girls making a new Angelic body - photo by Matt Silvey

The Girls have been working all winter braving the cold Boxshop to re-vamp the Angel of the Apocalypse in order to reveal her in Toronto January 29th thru February 7th, 2010 at the City of Toronto’s Winter City Festival.

The new Angel model

The new Angel model - photo by Matt Silvey

This will be our Canadian debut and the first time the Angel has been seen in its entirety since Burning Man 2005.

Margaret making some sparks

FLG to do list - photo by Matt Silvey

Britt working in the shop

Britt working in the Shop - photo by Matt Silvey

7 Responses to “What the girls do in the off-season”

  1. jennifercrimson Says:

    Oh yahoo! I am so excited as I live in Toronto and was just lamenting that this city needed some fire and fast! Welcome to Toronto Flaming Lotus Girls. If you need a home mine is yours.

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  2. Mike Toillion Says:

    You girls rock!

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  3. Bruna Says:

    Share the Fire, Share the Spirit, Share the Love, Share YOUR ART!
    Brilliant Flaming Lotus Girls (and Guys)…
    What an exciting news, we are letting our Toronto family and friends in the know of such great news… KBS the Fireheads

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  4. V Says:


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  5. Scribe Says:

    Hooray for the Lotus Girls! I can’t wait to see your new body.

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  6. sally Says:

    right on…i’ll be in TO then…first burn was 2009…heading back again…loved your installation last burn

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  7. Michael Black Says:

    I’m another Torontonian who can’t wait until the Lotus Girls hit town. It hasn’t been snowing much here lately, and I just hope that Jack Frost doesn’t make us pay for this when the show opens at the turn of the month, which is traditionally when Toronto gets killed by blizzards. My advice: make sure that your apparatus can handle mega snow. Canada ain’t Nevada.

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