What the girls do in the off-season

What does a Flaming Lotus Girl do for the holidays?  You’d think after manifesting yet another work of art she’d be able to take a break, but no – you just can’t keep a good girl down.

We are currently doing work of Angelic proportions!

Margaret making some sparks
Margaret making sparks - photo by Matt Silvey

New Angelic Body
Girls making a new Angelic body - photo by Matt Silvey

The Girls have been working all winter braving the cold Boxshop to re-vamp the Angel of the Apocalypse in order to reveal her in Toronto January 29th thru February 7th, 2010 at the City of Toronto’s Winter City Festival.

The new Angel model
The new Angel model - photo by Matt Silvey

This will be our Canadian debut and the first time the Angel has been seen in its entirety since Burning Man 2005.

Margaret making some sparks
FLG to do list - photo by Matt Silvey

Britt working in the shop
Britt working in the Shop - photo by Matt Silvey

About the author: Jess Hobbs

People have often described Jessica Hobbs as someone trying to lead a compulsively artistic life, which is more or less true. She started off her adventure in a small Sierra Foothill town and eventually meandered her way to the San Francisco Bay Area. Along the way Jess has worn many hats; running and creating community art programs, counseling teenagers, curating, exhibiting, designing, photographing and playing with some girls who love lipstick and accelerants. She is an MFA graduate from the San Francisco Art Institute and has been wandering and creating in the dust fest for well over a decade. She believes collaboration is key in community and art. This idea formally began with her collaborative performance work at UCSC and has continued to be a core element in her artistic practice. This core value can been seen in her collaborative project with Felecia Carlisle, Wedding Portraits created for SFAC's Art On Market Street Program, in her work directing the Crucible Steel Gallery at CELLspace, in her creations as a Flaming Lotus Girl and in her work wrangling the Shipyard Labs.

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