August 26th, 2009  |  Filed under Culture (Art & Music)

Vishnu’s Dream

August 26th, 2009  |  Filed under Culture (Art & Music)
Artist's Rendering

Artist's Rendering

vishu-rope_lights-40vishnus-working-40Another little tidbit for you before we all leave for the Playa (although my sweetie has already been there 2 1/2 weeks helping to get ready for your arrival). Coincidently, my good friend Moze wrote about Vishnu’s Dream in his fabulous post Moze’s Top Ten ART PROJECTS And Then Some.  That was the same week I contacted Vishnu’s Dream to get some “in progress” photos from them. Coincidence or great art coming our way, you decide?

This is what Moze had to say

“8. Vishnu’s Dream by Joe Arnold and Deedee Hampton is a “a twenty seven foot high kinetic, participatory sculpture”. It will be a big “lotus flower blossoming” with lage cobras whose “eyes will glow red and the framework of the lotus will be illuminated by chasing lights that lead the eye upward to a whirling windmill of petals and a glowing orb at the top.”

This sounds pretty cool, but add to that the fact that the installation is a Camera Obscura that rather than just allowing participants inside to see a static image, “will allow viewing dynamic images from inside the camera obscura itself” by a lens apparatus spun by windmills inside the Lotus Flower.”

So stop by and check out the lovely Vishnu’s Dream and the camera obscura, I intend to. See you there!

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  1. jimbo Says:

    Beautiful artwork! Must have taken alot of effort to design that piece. Great photos too.

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