Reno-Tahoe International Airport is Hosting Pre-Burning Man Party! You are invited to Participate!

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reno-home_header_logoThe Reno-Tahoe International Airport is hosting a Pre-Playa Party! YOU are invited to participate!

The Airport Authority is hosting a celebration of the partnership between Reno-Tahoe International Airport and [BM] and of the thousands of air travelers this event brings to the region, on Wednesday, August 5, 2009 from 5pm – 7pm.


Tips For The Reluctant Seamstress


There is no better place than Burning Man to wear what you dig. Back when I volunteered for The Man we talked about Radical Self-Expression, this idea of Going For It, of opening yourself to who you really are and letting your freak flag fly. For many Burners, costumes are the door to accessing and expressing ourselves and feeling A Part Of It.

Home sewing projects, thrift store finds, random cool junk you found: do not be intimidated. Here are a few suggestions for the fly-by-the-seat-of-your-hotpants crafter.

*When sewing by hand, thread several needles before you begin stitching. This way you can keep on sewing when the thread snags or runs out.

*Very little can be done with less than a yard of fabric. I usually buy 2 yards of anything unless I have specific pattern measurements.

*Old or discount thread snags and breaks. Get the $1 upgrade and buy the good stuff.


Join us for the next in our series of Member events, Elemental Interactions: Electricity!

In 2008 the [BRAF] launched a new Member program, a series of quarterly events bringing together artists, scientists, social historians and others in our community to present demos, talks and performances in an informal, conversational setting.

We hope you’ll join us at PG&E’s Pacific Energy Center!

Come hear about how electricity in its many forms has inspired our community!

Thursday, July 23, 2009
Doors open at 5:30 pm
Mixer hour 6:00 – 7:00 pm
Presentations begin promptly at 7:00 pm, ending at 9:00 pm

Pacific Energy Center
851 Howard StreetSan Francisco, CA 94103
(click here for directions)
Members attend free, with a suggested donation of $10 for non-members.

To become a member, visit:

For information about our speakers:

Adaptations – Public art in San Francisco

The [BRAF] is proud to support the Hayes Valley Art Coalition in the installation of another public artwork on Patricia’s Green. This site-specific work ‘Adaptations’ by Mark Baugh-Sasaki will be constructed of welded steel and the limbs of trees trimmed and/or fallen in Golden Gate Park.

Patricia’s Green in Hayes Valley, San Francisco, CA, was the location of the Black Rock Arts Foundation’s first Civic Arts project, the Hayes Valley Temple in 2005. The Temple quickly became a beloved centerpiece of the neighborhood and drew people together and connected the community in a new and interactive way.

Since 2005, the Hayes Valley Art Coalition has continued to curate and install temporary artworks on Patricia’s Green.

Please join us for the opening reception for this wonderful new public work!

Friday, July 24, 2009
Patricia’s Green
Octavia at Hayes Street
San Francisco, CA

artists rendering: Andrew Klein

Green Dimensions


We would like to give a shout out to the The Bandshell and the PARKcycle. There is an opening reception tonight at Fort Mason as part of Green Dimensions: An Exhibit Celebrating Bay Area Artists and Reclaimed Art Materials (until August 16); Pipeline : Art, Surfing, and the Ocean Environment at the SFMOMA Artists Gallery (until August 28); the PARKcycle, an art project consisting of a 10-foot x 4-foot planted garden, mounted onto the front of three bicycles, planted by the San Francisco Community Garden, until September 18; and the Bandshell, all free to the public.

July 16, Thursday
(RSVP required for reception) – call (415) 345-7561
Fort Mason, San Francisco, Bldg D

Fort Mason asks “Since when does Fort Mason Center have an outdoor performance space?” The outdoor Bandshell — created from salvaged car hoods, recycled circuit boards, and reclaimed wood — is located on central campus. The Bandshell hosts improv, musical and circus performances, readings and meetings, lunch space, and impromptu public performances. If you are interested in reserving a time in the Bandshell:

The Bandshell, previously known as the Panhandle Bandshell was part of the [BRAF]’s Civic Arts Program, and the PARKcycle was a recipient of a grant through the Black Rock Arts Foundation’s Grants-to-Artists program.  We are proud to have supported this public art that is continuing to promote art, community and civic participation.

PARKcycle photo: Photo: Sasha Wizansky
Bandshell photo: Melissa Alexander

Creativity, Collaboration, and Catharsis

For those familiar with the emotional catharsis that can be discovered through the Burning Man experience—resonating both on and off the playa, and effecting real change in the worlds beyond Black Rock City—this story may strike a chord.

A couple months ago, Harley DuBois, longtime BRC LLC member and City Manager, was invited to serve as an “Instigator” and lead a workshop for museum professionals attending a “Creativity and Collaboration” retreat at Asilomar. (Other “Instigators” included representatives from the Exploratorium, LucasFilm, and an “Alternate Reality Game” designer, among others).

For Harley’s session, she worked with participants to build a Shrine dedicated to memorializing loss, with the plan to collectively burn it that evening. (Sound familiar?) Prior to the workshop, she sought the support of David Best—well-known to many Burners for initiating the annual tradition of building memorial Temples on the playa—in order to obtain materials and to learn tips on Temple construction from the master.

In facilitating the Shrine’s creation for retreat participants, Harley had them organize themselves into four groups—sorters, builders, decorators, and mavericks—in order to expedite various aspects of construction. createcollaborate But perhaps most importantly, she asked them to talk with one another about loss as they worked in their groups to create the Shrine, and to “get it real in their bodies.” For some—the great majority of whom had never been to Burning Man—this was more than they had bargained for.

Harley reports that some participants were soon sobbing out their grief, as they confronted various losses and deaths encountered in their lives. Later, the small groups were asked to report back to the rest. Harley recalled one woman in particular who spoke of “emptiness” and the difficulty of holding on to people and memories, as she held her hands gently cupped.


Alanna and the Tempest

Aught six was Tornado Alley in the Keyhole. They’d form over by Earth Guardians, at Carousel Corner and start spinning all erratic and slow, trying to find their focus, some becoming almost an entity but most of them becoming sputtering dust disturbers and nothing more.

The Devils that built into something substantial started the same, swirling and sometimes halting then starting again, but they eventually stood tall on their own, spitting up playa until they formed a wobbling body that gained legs then inevitably started marching head first into the City with a frenzy of vengeance. Though they held such promise, most shot their load in that first block and dissipated into nothingness.

We enjoyed watching Black Rock City citizens flock towards those promising funnels on foot and bike, trying to be there when the big one manifested itself.

photo Moze 06
photo Moze 06

That day our camp mate Alanna was performing his BIG BLACK MAN SHOW in Center Camp, so after an afternoon tour of the playa Art, we made our way back to camp to find he and his troupe lazing beneath their shade structures. We alerted them that they were almost late for their show which sent everyone into a mad buzzing of costumes and props and makeup flying while they became fabulous.

Ms. Bird, HotDamn and I made our way to Center Camp and found an empty couch whilst Alanna, Jerome, Alison, Bambi, Adam and the others in the BIG BLACK MAN SHOW all got ready to take the stage. While we waited, the hippies moved slowly about, all dreadlocked and tie dyed and smelling of patchouli. They imbibed and stretched, prayed and Tai Chi’ed.

Then Alanna took the stage. He is the BIG BLACK MAN and he is quite huge and entirely muscular, like some sculpture of a God. He’s got a hell of a voice and he’s amazing in his cosmic freak drag.

He sang “Colored Spade” from the musical Hair. He talked about how there were like 20 black people at Burning Man and 40 thousand white people but he wasn’t scared.


Megs Eats World 1.1: Lakes, Boats and BACON!

Once Upon a Pinkie Swear

In 2005, when I promised my friend Devin that I would to go to Burning Man, little did I know that I would soon be taken in by a community that would school me in the fine arts of friendship, performance, love and BACON. Up until I fell into the Burning Man community, I thought you needed a stage to perform. That’s not to say that this Lioness doesn’t love the limelight but over the course of the past few years, I’ve discovered that life is performance art and that the immediate moment is as good a time as any to act out your grandest gestures.