Figment – June 12 – 14th, 2009

New York City Looking Up - Carlos Vanegas
New York City Looking Up – Carlos Vanegas

FIGMENT is an annual arts event on Governors Island in New York, with artwork in every medium, from installation to performance to music to games and many things in between.

When the founders of FIGMENT began the event in 2007, their inspiration was to marry Burning Man‐style do-ocracy, volunteerism, and the 10 principles with the prolific New York arts scene, and to build a new community for the participatory arts. In 2009, the vast majority of the FIGMENT artists, and a growing number of FIGMENT volunteers, have never been to Burning Man, and there is a groundswell of enthusiasm for an increasing number of season long projects on the island.

It is a free, non-profit endeavor run by volunteers. In 2008, FIGMENT’s second year, over 10,000 people attended.

Desert-Jennie BoothFIGMENT’s vision for art looks past the white-walled galleries and into the realm of participation. Art is not just something that you stand still and quietly look at – it is something you participate in. You touch it, smell it, climb it, write on it, talk to it, dance with it, play with it, learn from it… Interactive art creates a dynamic collaboration between the artist, the audience and their environment.

FIGMENT 2009, held in partnership with the Governors Island Preservation and Education Corporation (GIPEC), is a 3-day participatory arts event on Governors Island in New York Harbor. FIGMENT is a project of Action Arts League, and is produced by a coalition of volunteers in partnership with the Pure Project.

So check it out if you are in the New York area.

Painted SocksSo why FIGMENT? Famous for his role in New York’s artistic heritage and the Pop Art movement, Andy Warhol believed that everyone had it in them to be a star for fifteen minutes. Through his own art, he defined his identity and shaped the world around him. He once commented that he’d like his tombstone to say only one word: “Figment.”

Check out a video HERE

Come Party in Reno with the Black Rock Arts Foundation

The [BRAF] is proud to announce the exhibition of Celtic Forest: Book of the Raven by Laura Kimpton and Jeff Schomberg in Reno this summer.

There is a FUNdraiser this Friday, so you can contribute to bringing art to Reno; dance, hoop and check out fire performances by Controlled Burn FREE this Friday, June 5th, but be prepared to buy a raffle ticket or two.


2009 Black Rock Arts Foundation Grants Announced


This is our favorite time of year at the [BRAF], lots of exciting interactive art to share with you.  The Grant Committee of the [BRAF] is proud to announce the winners of our 2009 Grant Cycle.  We received a record number of applications this year, over 260, and awarded more grants than ever before, giving away a total of $45,000 to 10 projects.

Our 2009 Grantee projects represent a truly diverse range of approaches to interactive art making. The concepts and implementation of the projects contrast greatly, employing both high and low-tech media, inviting both expressive freedom and refinement of craft, arising from both established collaborations and events and grassroots efforts, reaching both small-town and metropolitan communities. But, as always, our grantees share a common goal: to include their community in the creation of a project that exists for and belongs to the public – a project that provokes immediate actions that connect individuals with each other and with their community at large.

Check them out for yourself.