Cardboardia Emerges

8-14 of june, Krasnij Oktjabr
8-14 of june, Krasnij Oktjabr
cardboardia-june-4Cardboardia is one of the [BRAF]’s 2009 Grants-to-Artists recipients.  Since grants were announced in May, it is pretty exciting to see the first iteration of Carboardia 2009 summer builds.

cardboardia-june-2Cardbordia ‘towns’ are temporary, collaboratively built, inhabited towns manifesting in Moscow, Russian, Finland and Germany in the summer of 2009. Carboardia is, in essence, a role playing community, where guests can create a new identity while contributing to the growth of the town, using cardboard as their expressive and artistic medium.

Every town created under the Cardboardia title is a place where people can reinvent themselves – where, for a short time, everyone can leave behind their daily worries through new ways of self-expression.

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About the author: Affinity

Affinity, a Burner since 2000, was legally married on the Playa in 2001, was wedding coordinator and then training coordinator at Burning Man, before becoming the Black Rock Arts Foundation (BRAF) Social Media Coordinator and an Advisory Board Member. An attorney, she served on the Board of Directors of the Western Pension and Benefits Conference. She interned with the Human Awareness Institute for 10 years, loves living in San Francisco and is a craft dilettante. She will write about BRAF, and how art is envisioned, produced, created, installed and its afterlife.