June 28th, 2009  |  Filed under Building BRC

A Tale Full Of Sound And Fury, Signifying Everything

June 28th, 2009  |  Filed under Building BRC

Black Rock Station, Nevada – June 27th, 2009

Tabula Rasa

Yesterday, the DPW workshop stood empty, a nondescript metal quonset amidst the low, gravelly scrub that rings the Black Rock desert. Today the workshop is full.

Full of people. Full of movement. Full of sawdust.

Full of activity and creativity and – to keep things balanced – a little destruction.

Full of music from a dusty stereo, doggedly fighting its hopeless battle with The Carpenter’s Orchestra: the bass drone of belt sander and shop vac, the baritone buzz of table and chop saws, the three tenors, jigsaw, Sawzall and drill, and the 30,000 rpm soprano herself, the trim router, ever the diva.

Full of intention, the magickal force necessary to resurrect an icon from the ashes, so that it may once again take its place at the center of Black Rock City, our dear dusty Brigadoon.

Full of the elaborate dance of lore, luck and skill that gives birth to the Burning Man.

Man Build 2009 has begun.

5 Responses to “A Tale Full Of Sound And Fury, Signifying Everything”

  1. Ryelyn Mckay Says:

    Let the dance of inspiration begin. I needed that, thank you.

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  2. Twan Says:

    Much love and respect to the builders of the Man! As it should be.

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  3. Kelly Says:

    I just got chills! :-)

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  4. Morgan Lavery Says:

    Wow. I love the burning blog. Always gets me excited for this years festivities. I am so excited to watch the evolution

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  5. Swan Song Says:

    Ooooohhmmm!!! Maahh Niiii Paad Meee Hummmm!!!! Were tuned in! keep up the good work.

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