2009 Honorarium Art is up!

Fleeble Flobbler, 2008 (photo by Jaime Ladet)
Fleeble Flobbler, 2008 (photo by Jaime Ladet)

Check out the first fantastic page full of ART that will grace the playa this year … the Honorarium Art projects from the Bio*tanical Garden to Who Gave Birth with all manner of cool stuff in between.

From this small sample of all the 2009 art, it looks like we’re in for a great year. There are some large-scale fire projects in the mix including Chimera Sententia, Fire Of Fires (this year’s temple) and Flaming Lotus Girls’ Soma. Among this year’s exemplary batch are some sublime sculptures like Key Note and The Heron Project and some returning big pieces such as The Burninator Grid, FlameThrower Shooting Gallery and Towers of Shiva. Raygun Gothic Rocketship also looks very cool.

The first batch of projects to go up on the website always make me feel all giddy inside.  They just do.

Check them out for yourself.

And yes … the twisted, somewhat diabolical minds who came up with Gee-Gnome! sorta frighten me.

About the author: Moze

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