January 20th, 2009  |  Filed under News

Black Rock Solar Earns Non-Profit Status

January 20th, 2009  |  Filed under News

Black Rock Solar

Black Rock Solar was granted 501(c)3 status today, making them an official non-profit organization!

When combined with their recently-acquired Nevada Contractor’s License (#0072260), this positions them to continue their mission of gifting FREE solar power to institutions who would not otherwise be able to afford it.  As of this writing, BRS has installed 248 kilowatts of solar power, with an estimated lifetime energy savings value of $1,364,000 … and they’re just getting started.

Learn more at www.blackrocksolar.org.

Those who know the bureaucracy involved in this process will appreciate the herculean effort these folks undertook to make this a reality.  Congratulations, BRS!

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