Black Rock Solar Earns Non-Profit Status

Black Rock Solar

Black Rock Solar was granted 501(c)3 status today, making them an official non-profit organization!

When combined with their recently-acquired Nevada Contractor’s License (#0072260), this positions them to continue their mission of gifting FREE solar power to institutions who would not otherwise be able to afford it.  As of this writing, BRS has installed 248 kilowatts of solar power, with an estimated lifetime energy savings value of $1,364,000 … and they’re just getting started.

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Those who know the bureaucracy involved in this process will appreciate the herculean effort these folks undertook to make this a reality.  Congratulations, BRS!

Bring It! Join the Effort …

As our world takes a change for the better on this day, we offer you an opportunity to heed the call to participate in our mutual betterment.A little backstory: a group of Burners, including Burners Without Borders volunteers, were invited to come and set up a booth at the 2008 Bonnaroo music festival, and naturally, their established intent was to encourage the immediacy of direct participation through personal interactions.As part of this effort, they created a gigantic nylon banner, which displayed what was deemed the “Bring It! Pledge”. Bonnaroo attendees were invited to sign their name to this banner, committing themselves to taking an active role in making ours a better world. And you will note that some committed themselves with particular exuberance. ;-)  The pledge reads:”I will assert myself and apply my myriad talents toward the achievement of radical self-reliance, uncompromising self-expression, immediate participation, and unlimited inclusion. Whether I do this through building community, advancing the arts, aiding disaster relief, gifting alternative energy, greening the planet, or some other means, I will be a badass from now on.”

Bring It! Banner
Bring It! Banner
Today, we invite you to sign your own name to this pledge by submitting a comment to this post. Join us in this effort.

Tickets for Burning Man 2009 Now On Sale

"Read Your Ticket"Hey!  Tickets for Burning Man 2009 are now on sale.  To get yours, visit our Tickets Page.  If you have any problems with your ticket purchase, oodles of information is available on our Ticketing FAQ. The longer you wait, the more they cost, so don’t procrastinate.

And remember, kids … tickets will not be sold at the gate this year, so you must purchase your ticket before you get to Black Rock City.

See you on the playa!