September 27th, 2008  |  Filed under Events/Happenings

Burning Life 2008 – September 27Th To October 5Th

September 27th, 2008  |  Filed under Events/Happenings

If you didn’t get enough of the playa this year, or weren’t able to make the journey to be with us, you can still get your burn on, without leaving home, at Burning Life ’08, in the virtual world of Second Life. You can visit art installations, attend live events, and participate in the experience.

Here is how you can participate: Download the free software and register here.

When you register for your free Second Life account, select the first name you want for your avatar. Then you will be presented with a list of family names to choose from. When you use the above URL, you’ll see the last name “Burner” appear in the list of available last names. This is a special gift from the Burners who work on Second Life. (If your chosen first and last name has already been taken, you will be asked to choose another name.)

To learn more about this event visit the Burning Life website.

Also, Danger Ranger has organized the first virtual world Burning Man Regional group. If you would like to be on the announce list, send a blank email to secondlife-announce-subscribe (at) burningman (dot) com.

See you on the virtual playa.

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