breakfast at Kate’s

That's the Temple off in the left, and the Babylon tower in the distance on the right
That's the Temple off in the left, and the Babylon tower in the distance on the right

We went out to see Kate Raudenbush’s “Altered States” as the sun came up this morning.

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John Curley (that's me) has been Burning since the relatively late date of 2004, and in 2008 I spent the better part of a month on the playa, documenting the building and burning of Black Rock City in words and pictures. I loved it, and I've been doing it ever since. I was a newspaper person In a previous life, and I spent many years at the San Francisco Chronicle. At the time I left, in 2007, I was the deputy managing editor in charge of Page One and the news sections of the paper. Since then, I've turned a passion for photography into a second career. I shoot for editorial, commercial and private clients, and I'm especially fond of shooting weddings. I'm also the editor at large of the Tasting Panel magazine, which is devoted to the beverage industry. I've also taught a bit, including two years at UC Berkeley's Graduate School of Journalism and a year at San Francisco State University. I live on a (house)boat in Alameda, California.

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  • Hi guys,
    I’m a mother of one of the guys over there in Burning Man; he arrived last night on August 24th from New York. His name is Max. He will be maintaining bicytaxi which will be riding during the feast. I just want to say “Hello” to him, and tell him to enjoy himself.
    And for everybody: Have a great time!!!!!!!

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    My daughter’s with y’all somewhere at there (her second “homecoming”). I wanted to see as much as I can thru photos and comments.

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  • Hi everyone,
    I would like to extend Birthday Wishes on the 28th to Dave Levy, who is attending Burning Man, from Nova Scotia, Canada. I hope all is well and he’s enjoying his trip and I hope he has a great day. I wish I could’ve been there too…maybe next year.

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