From Actiongrl – re: Comments on this blog…

Hi friends! Andie Grace here. Been playing with these new blog tools behind the scenes for a while here (you like?) and we’re currently figuring out some kind of problem with the comment modules on this one; they seem to function only sporadically, when they feel like it.

A few readers added great comments in the past 2-3 days that were in the blog panel and marked as “not spam” but somehow aren’t showing up yet. We don’t want you to get discouraged; we’re working on what the problem is and do want this tool to work. Thanks to those who have already contributed (or tried to) to this little corner of our online world; we hope to get things sorted out ASAP, even as we have one foot in the desert. Please keep comin’ back!
See you soon, very soon…


About the author: Andie Grace

Prior to her 2012 retirement from the staff of Burning Man, Andie Grace was a member of the Burning Man Executive Committee and the manager of the Communications Department and the Regional Network - in plain English, that means she went to an inordinate number of meetings. Her staff bio is here.