August 18th: Early Man

After a really good morning workout and breakfast at the commissary, I drove to Gerlach to work in the office.  Andie Grace was there, and so was Tom Price, Mishka, and Tomas.  I was so tired that I fell asleep at one point right on the desk.  I woke up to Logan asking me a question over the top of the cubicle, paper stuck to my forehead and confused as to where I was.  I recovered and spent the rest of the afternoon helping Mishka. By “helping,” I of course mean “bothering.”


August 17th: Booty Shorts Day on the Shade Crew

Shade, Baby
Shade is not a luxury item in Black Rock City.  It’s essential.  Right up there with water and sleep, you gotta have it.  So it should come as no surprise to find out that Burning Man has a semi-professional hit squad of shade putter-uppers working round the clock to make shade for staff and participants alike.

I joined the shade crew today, just in the nick of time for Booty Shorts Day.  After breakfast at the commissary, we boarded the big green bus and headed out for the Artery, Burning Man headquarters for Art Placement & Artist Support.  Tool belts on, nails and screws loaded in the pockets, and gloves at the ready.  Grab a ladder off the side of the bus or a Dewalt out of the tool box, and fall in.


Carbon offsets: over 400 tons!

Another update:

Jeff Cole just let me know they’ve received 412 tons worth of offsets for this year’s event, another new record! Keep em coming.

News from the playa:

Yes, it’s hot. Yes, it’s dusty. But nothing we’ve not experienced before. Conditions today are great–a little warm, but still.  Everything is happening on or ahead of schedule, ya’ll c’mon down!

From Actiongrl: tips from the playa

Bunnie (she’s rocking the shade crew this year) ran up and pointed out to me today that if your zipper is all playa-fied and doesn’t want to move, you can rub chapstick over it and then zip and unzip to work it in and lubricate things. Good for boots, tents, pants, and whatever else you’re zipping up out here. Zzzzzip!

From Actiongrl: new Reno preparation pages!

AG here, inviting you to check out the newly updated Reno preparation pages this weekend so you can make your plans for your final approach into BRC. If you’ll pass through Reno, you’ll find TONS of new info from Reno area volunteers who have updated, added, and refined information on exactly where to go in Reno to get the stuff you need on the way through the event if you’re passing through.

Step on in to the Reno preparation pages and take a peek! Check out the geographic location links at the bottom of the page. Almost every page has new information you can use on your way through if Reno is on your itinerary. You can also browse by category according to what you’re looking for — including any special rates or packages for Burners at area hotels.

And then…get packin’!