July 10th, 2007  |  Filed under Environment

Tip #11 talk to the people

July 10th, 2007  |  Filed under Environment

So you know that really smart, clever thing that you do in your camp, you  know, the one your neighbors see and go “damn, that’s a really clever way to XYZ! Here, have a blinky”? Yea, that thing. The one that makes you camp cleaner. Uses less energy. Generates fewer toxics. That’s the one.

Share the love already–head on down to center camp and find BMIR Burning Man Information Radio. You’d be amazed at how open they are to people dropping by to share what they know, maybe in a recorded Public Service Announcement.  Talk to the people. Share what you know. Green up BRC. Who knows, maybe you’ve got an inner DJ, yearning to be free. Consider yourself having been given an invitation.

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