July 15th, 2007  |  Filed under Environment

Tip #11 EZ gray water evaporation plan

July 15th, 2007  |  Filed under Environment

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 Gray Water Evaporation by Towel
I have found that having space for two bath towels to dry is enough to evaporate the gray water of one person.  I washed (me and dishes) in the morning and again at night, and after drying off, used 2 bath towels to sop-up the water.  I then hung the towels to dry, being sure they were not wet enough to drip.  The morning towels were usually dry by noon and the night towels well before morning.

Any given towel used for drying should probably be used no more than three or four times before being packed to take home (dry).  I’m guessing the “gray” in our gray water probably exists only in very small quantities, and these towels should not be shaken, or whatever substances constituting the so-called “gray” ends up on the playa anyway, even if virtually invisible.

Skippy from Hushville
Roswell, NM

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