July 16th, 2007  |  Filed under Environment

Rumor control: free charging station?

July 16th, 2007  |  Filed under Environment

This email just in from a reader getting in touch via environment(at) burningman.com:


Somebody at [name of very cool company in Hopland] is spreading a rumour that the Project will provide a solar charging station on the playa this year. Is it true? If so, where can we get more information?

Thanks much,

Hey Trevor-

The answer is no. And yes. Isn’t the playa great?

The Burning Man Project ( or ORG ) isn’t providing solar power. That said, I do know of at least two places on the playa where there will be some kind or another of solar charging stations. One will be at the Green Man Pavilion ( quite small, think iPods and camera batteries ) and the other somewhere on the open playa. No more details at this time ( if you know more, let me know ) but as always: radical self reliance. Would be a shame to see people lining up to recharge because they hadn’t planned ahead. Thanks for writing, hope that helps!

-Tom Price

Environmental Manager

Burning Man 2007

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