July 25th, 2007  |  Filed under Environment

Gotta go? Step into the light.

July 25th, 2007  |  Filed under Environment


It’s a fact: 40,000 people + water + playa= problem. The BLM does not want people to answer nature’s call on the play–it’s just too many people, in too small a space. Plus, it’s a health hazard.

We know, we know– you want to put it in the right place–the portopotty–instead of on the ground. We know you only pee on the playa in a REAL EMERGENCY, which is often made worse when you’re looking everywhere for the bank of port-o-lets to let fly, and can’t find em.

Still, peeing on the playa releases toxins into the environment. And is a violation of our permit. And earns you a really dumb ticket from the BLM…AND leaves you still needing to go ( we assume you pause the action while they’re writing your ticket ).

Well, we’ve got a solution. Our friends Blue and Hazmatt found these (for lack of a better term ) Pee Beacons. They’ll be on 20 foot poles out on the banks of potties on the open playa, flashing blue and green. So, need to answer mother nature’s call? Follow the blue and green blinky thing….no, the other blue and green blinky thing!

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