A place to call home for your bottles and cans

Big news–it looks like some of the major supermarkets in the Reno area are considering carving off a part of their parking lots and setting them aside for post-playa recycling drop off stations! This is great on several levels–most of us head west out of Fernley and pass through Reno, but Labor Day Monday all the usual drop stations are closed, meaning either (a) hauling all those carefully sorted bottles and cans further west or (b) getting tired of the smell/mess in the car and chucking them regretfully in a dumpster somewhere. Details in a day or so, as soon as we have them, just too excited not to share the news right. this. minute.

Tip #5 Oil and Playa Don’t Mix

Take your car in for a maintenance check before Burning Man – A better running car will help reduce emissions and reduce the chance for oil spills on the playa. Bring a pan or tarp if you think your vehicle might leak. Don’t forget to carpool and meet new playa friends! – Lorax