Burn your way to a better planet

Daniel Terdiman of CNET.COM filed a story this morning about the Green Man theme, and the convergence it’s creating between art, technology, community and the environment. It’s a great summary of where we’re at, and where we’re hoping to go. The lead is below, or read the whole thing by clicking on the red ball that sez c|net:



Clean your scene on Cinco De Playa

This May 5th join Burners all over the country (and the world!) are getting together to help clean up their little corner of the world. Burners Without Borders (another name for any group of burners getting together to do public service) is organizing the 2nd Annual Cinco de Playa Beach and Park Restoration Day.

The details are as simple or as complicated as you’d like them to be: either join a group already organized, or get your own together, and head out to the nearest place in need of cleaning up, and MOOP the heck out of it.

Impressions of the Burning Man

The Burning Man was eighty feet high

Atop a temple of Moorish lace

Confections of stars and midnight suns

All on a lake bed flat and sere, already

Old when primates first appeared.

Fire dancers whirled as the stars chirped

Hosannas to the primal rite.

Nothing is lost, but all is gained,

Extravagance is the law of the land.

Open now, as the clouds pass by,

Fire is water, and water itself

Soars into the stratosphere.

High art falls into the dust,

No one complains, and all rejoice.

Surreal it is, and yet romantic,

Bacchus himself rides on the wind,

And here it is that once a year

Artists bring about the birth

Of Shiva’s endless pillar of fire.

by Gawaine Caldwater Ross

Your True Colors

Most years when you arrive on playa you’ll get–along with your WhatWhereWhen, Map, and so forth–a sticker. Among the most popular? Hands down it’s the oval BRC logos.

So to show support for the Green Man theme this year, Carmen with Burners Without Borders printed up a whole bunch of new ones, albeit with a twist: they’re green. Get it? I know, simple, but it works. And who likes waiting? Not us, either, so if you’d like one, take a moment to get one right now, and show off you true colors all year.


(Shown here on a camper out in our back parking lot, next to an oooold school Woodsy Owl sticker, remember him?)