May 17th, 2007  |  Filed under Environment, Events/Happenings

Now Hear This: BM on Treehugger Radio

May 17th, 2007  |  Filed under Environment, Events/Happenings

Another Treehugger Logo

First, total disclosure: we heart, which we’ve been told is the #1 green web portal in the world. Maybe it’s because the site is chock full of information, ideas and solutions, seasoned with a good dose of sass. Maybe it’s that they understand someone can be green, and still need clothes and cars–you know, that they live in the default world most of the year. Or maybe we’ve just got a crush on Simran Sethi.

Whatevs–we like them, and it turns out they like us!

A couple weeks ago Meaghan O’Neill from Treehugger Radio called up Burning Man’s Environmental Manager Tom Price, to find out how we’re all (yea, you too) attempting to make a temporary city in the middle of nowhere sustaintable. Click here to listen; it’s sandwiched in the middle, and we’ll post the link to the extended interview when it goes live. Thanks, Meaghan!

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