May 30th, 2007  |  Filed under Environment

Green Man on the air-extended LP mix

May 30th, 2007  |  Filed under Environment

Last week I posted a link to a short radio interview on about the Green Man, and the things we’re doing to try greening up this little burn of ours. They’ve now posted the full version. It’s a 12 minute podcast. Overall it’s a pretty accurate summary of what we’re all up to. Hey, you try talking for 12 minutes without saying something silly. Anyway, the links are right here, give a listen and see what you think:

TreeHugger Radio: The Greening of Burning Man

For one week each year, Black Rock City becomes the tenth largest city in Nevada. The massive fully-interactive arts festival that is Burning Man attracts people from around the world to experience a temporary intentional community in the heat of the desert, and this year’s theme is eco-effectiveness. In this extended interview, Meaghan O’Neill talks with Burning Man’s Environmental Manager Tom Price about green tech on the playa, Burners Without Borders, and Black Rock City as a sustainable microcosm. Subscribe to TreeHugger Radio on iTunes or listen/right click to download. ::TreeHugger Radio

(TreeHugger Radio is written by Simran Sethi and produced by Jacob Gordon. This week’s interview is conducted by Meaghan O’Neill.)

As always, your comments, suggestions, feedback welcome at environment (at) burningman (dot) com

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