Green Man on the air-extended LP mix

Last week I posted a link to a short radio interview on about the Green Man, and the things we’re doing to try greening up this little burn of ours. They’ve now posted the full version. It’s a 12 minute podcast. Overall it’s a pretty accurate summary of what we’re all up to. Hey, you try talking for 12 minutes without saying something silly. Anyway, the links are right here, give a listen and see what you think:

TreeHugger Radio: The Greening of Burning Man


Tip of the day #1: Bring your own

OK, here’s the deal, my promise to you: one tip per day about how you can green your burn. Right here. Every day. Free. Show up often enough and by the time the big thing in the desert comes around, you’ll know all kinds of stuff, without hardly even having to work at it. I know, life’s so good sometimes I could pinch myself.

Here’s today’s, for May 31st, from Karine in Kentucky:
* Bring your own reusable cup & carry it with you. If you have yours on your hip, in your bike basket, or somewhere handy, this saves on washing and trashing disposable cups. ~karine (ps–and makes it much more likely those folks you just met will offer you something cool and refreshing to sooth your biking-weary bones).

Athens, Ohio

The drive from Columbus to Athens is a short and beautiful one. New bypasses have gotten the trip down to about 1 1/2 hour and the scenery is lush and green. The farther you get from Columbus, the more the landscape starts to change. Farms and old barns start to dot the roadside and the rolling foothills of the Appalachian mountains start to appear.

Athens is nestled in those foothills, in the flood plane of the Hocking River, about 30 minutes from the border with West Virginia in South Eastern Ohio.

I admit that I was tingling with excitement about this visit. I spent eight years living in this small, rural, college town and haven’t been back for a visit in a long time. The very first time I ever heard about Burning Man was in Athens and it was from this town that I made my very first trek to the playa.


Columbus, Ohio

Greetings friends!

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted anything about Regional Land. This installation takes place in Columbus, Ohio. My very own hometown. Word has it that my little brother it getting hitched, that is something I just gotta see, so I figured it would be a good time to make the pilgrimage home and see what the Ohio Burners are up to.


Bring on the french fry juice: Burning Man goes Biodiesel

Mr Blue and Biodiesel

Mr. Biodiesel aka Mr. Blue, pumping the good stuff BM 2006

UPDATE 6/26- This post you’re reading got mentioned in BoingBoing, thanks to Xtra- hot Xeni and WayneCo–gratzi!

Great news! Burning Man is working on shifting our entire power generation load from regular old diesel fuel to clean, green biodiesel, thanks to a very dedicated effort by Mr. Blue of Recycle Camp and many others. It will be used to power things like the medical and fire outposts, rangers stations, BMIR, and other event operations. What does that mean in real terms? It means that 20,000 11,000 gallons of diesel (Turns out we can’t use biodiesel in our heavy machinery, so the number is lower than we’d originally thought) that would have been coming from places like Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Iraq and other human rights holiday spots will instead be coming from old French fry vats and the like in nearby Reno, Nevada.

This would be a huge positive step, on several levels. You’ve probably got some questions, and we’ve got answers:

Light Em Up

Never Buy Another Battery, Help Families In The Developing World, and STILL Find Your Way In The Dark? That’s what we’re talkin’ about!


We saw this in the New York Times, and wanted to let you know about it. Fact: we all need lights at night on the playa, but many of us will hardly use our headlamps/flashlights throughout the rest of the year. So we buy batteries and expensive headlamps, use them for a week in the desert…and then throw the batteries away and buy new ones when we open it up the next summer and find–surprise-the batteries are dead. Meanwhile, right above us is one big endless battery, just waiting to be plugged in.


Now Hear This: BM on Treehugger Radio

Another Treehugger Logo

First, total disclosure: we heart, which we’ve been told is the #1 green web portal in the world. Maybe it’s because the site is chock full of information, ideas and solutions, seasoned with a good dose of sass. Maybe it’s that they understand someone can be green, and still need clothes and cars–you know, that they live in the default world most of the year. Or maybe we’ve just got a crush on Simran Sethi.

Whatevs–we like them, and it turns out they like us!