Friday night in Atlanta

What better way to spend a Friday night than making some new bunnie friends and hitting the town in a hopping bunnie pack?!

hop alongbunniefly

Our numbers were small, but our spirits were big and we sure did manage to turn more than a few heads and get some good laughs as we hit the Little Five neighborhood in Atlanta.

hooray for bunnies


Welcome to Atlanta, GA

Have you ever been to Atlanta, GA?

A very walkable city (at least within some of the neighborhoods) full of (from what I’ve seen in a few hours here) cute, tree-lined streets, brightly colored flowers galore, and friendly people who actually say hello when you pass them on the street. Flying in last night, it reminded me of Los Angeles – big and somewhat intimidating as it sprawled out before my eyes all a glimmer with lights and a great view of downtown. I wasn’t sure what to expect from that perspective and am excited to find a city brimming with culture and friendly people.


The Green Man Pavilion-An Invitation

In case you missed it, here again is the invitation to participate in the Green Man Pavilion. It will be an incredible space, and an extraordinary opportunity to share your expertise with the entire event.

Green Man Pavilion: An Open Invitation to Artists, Innovators, and Visionaries

A city is in many ways analogous to a body, and certain areas perform specific functions. The center of Black Rock City is like the solar plexus. Here, within a civic plaza, our community converges, sharing a rich and nourishing flow of constant interaction. The heart of Black Rock City might arguably be found in the Temple, far out on the open playa. This architectural marvel is devoted to the remembrance of the dead. Between these two impressive nodes may be found the base of the Man. This central landmark of our community may be likened to the mind.