April 30th, 2007  |  Filed under Environment

Cool it–Cooling Man in the news

April 30th, 2007  |  Filed under Environment

The San Francisco Chronicle had a nice write up of the move by different events to offset some of their impact, by reducing their carbon footprint. So it was a pleasant surprise to find the Cooling Man project listed in their article. If you haven’t yet, visit the Cooling Man site–they’ve got a handy calculator that will allow you to estimate you and your camp’s carbon footprint, then offset it by investments in things like wind energy projects in the Dakotas. Or you can just chip to help offset your share of the estimated 27,000+ tons of carbon the entire event will generate. So far about 153 tons have been offset (about equal to burning the man)– a good start, but we’ve got a long ways to go, so if you can please do your part, too.

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