Mom always said: start at the beginning, and be good to your momma.

Hey there, welcome to the Green Man blog. This is the start of an interesting journey. Over the next five months or so we’ll be exploring the Green Man theme, and the interesting conversation it sparks: how do we make a temporary city sustainable? What’s our relationship to the natural world? How to take what we learn from the playa back into the rest of our lives? And how can we avoid trashing the planet along the way? Oh, and it has to be great art, too. This should be fun, and definitely will be interesting. I’m certainly no expert, but hopefully we’ll all learn something along the way.

Now, to the nut of the thing. Mom always said start at the beginning, and there’s no better place to start exploring the Green Man theme than with the tickets.

If you’re gonna do something, do it right, right? And the people that made the tickets to our event are doing it right. But you’ve got to see it in person to understand it. Go ahead, go grab your ticket off the fridge. I’ll wait….