Burning Man Website Outage

Burningman.com visitors and e-playa users were unable to access our website from approximately 2 am April 23rd through 1 pm on April 25th. The domain was inaccessible due to an unexpected entanglement with our domain registration. Everything is fine now, and even though we really appreciate the offers of help from our community, this was a really unusual situation and there is nothing more that can be done. Any emails sent to a alias at burningman.com most likely bounced back during this time period and will need to be resent. We apologize for any inconvenience. Welcome back and we missed you too! [para_end]

a day in the burn

welcome to camp bewlay brothers

i start the unknown day at an unknown hour, awakening to the insistent boom boom boom boom still pommeling the air. it is the exact same boom boom boom boom that dazed me to sleep somewhen in the hazy recesses of yestereve. i would gladly return to the restful womb of nothingness, but i’m drenched in an uncomfortable pool of sweat and i’m desperately thirsty. hidden in the tumbled mess that was once upon a time my ordered tent is either my leaking camelback or my alien head nalgene bottle. my swollen throat tastes like aluminum. i spot the blue technical mouthpiece of the camelback beneath an unlikely tangle of green fur, pink gauze and gold lame. i drink deeply… better now. (more…)