August 3rd, 2005  |  Filed under Building BRC

Golden Spike!

August 3rd, 2005  |  Filed under Building BRC

It all has to start somewhere.

Today was a momentous occasion, folks. This morning, the first stake was pounded into the playa. This is the Golden Spike (represented, in this case, by a normal stake painted yellow), and it marks the absolute center of the city. From that point, all the streets can be mapped, signs posted, lampposts raised, and structures built. In fact, the perimeter fence is going up in ten days or so; after that, good luck getting in!

The ceremony was simple: everybody gathered around with champagne to celebrate and join in pounding the stake. Coyote started it off with a few words, followed by Maid Marian. One by one, each of us took a turn at the hammer. There were several heartfelt dedications to good friends who couldn’t be here, a few stunts, a little goofing around. One poor soul introduced himself by saying “I don’t have a playa name yet, but if you catch me doing anything stupid -”

And with a resounding cry of “Stoopid!” the crew named him right then and there.

At the end of the ceremony, Coyote called for a moment of silence for DPW’s lost team members: Craig, Tex and Stevie.

Then he broke a champagne bottle over the stake, and everyone dived in immediately to clean up the MOOP…

And that’s that. Black Rock City 2005 has been founded. See you there!

Maid Marian goes DPW

Playground taking aim

Mayfield, K-Rail, and baby Lazlo do it as a family.

Doctor Holderdown had some trouble...

...but SuperDave came to the rescue!

The first structure to be built is an octagonal shelter at the base of the Man site, surrounding the stake that marks City Center.

Bean inspects the City Plan.

Tonight, surveying begins and the Inner Circle will be marked in the playa.

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