August 11th, 2005  |  Filed under Building BRC

Appreciate this!

August 11th, 2005  |  Filed under Building BRC

DPW’s Volunteer Appreciation barbecue at Frog Pond

Y’all know that Frog Pond is a hot spring, right? It’s a beautiful spot: a collection of grassy pools surrounded by reeds, swaying branches, and, lately, a lot of Burners.

DPW had a little barbecue at Frog Pond last night after work. I think the managers are trying to butter us volunteers up for all the t-stake pounding we’ll be doing this weekend. It’s working well so far. Who wouldn’t be swayed by food like this? Highlights were Pope’s smoked chicken, Rachel’s killer paella, and trays and trays of root beer floats. I’m sure I’m leaving people out – but let’s just say that dinner made happy gluttonous campers of all of us.

After eating, most of us ended up in the pond for a minute or two. It really is beautiful there. The water is deep bluish-green, and the main pool is only three or four feet deep with a sandy bottom. In the back of the pool is an old pipe that bubbles over with hot water – the result of a now-abandoned search for oil. It is populated with little bait minnows that look a bit like tadpoles; however, Frog Pond actually gets its name from the bullfrogs that lurk in the reeds around the second pool, croaking and honking all night long.

So, it’s pretty; we had good food; Doctor Holderdown and Maid Marian managed to procure enough beer to keep everyone happy, which is difficult with this crowd. I feel appreciated. Here’s a photo gallery for you.

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