Current DMV Pre-registration Status

The response to the DMV’s new pre-registration process has been much greater than anticipated: well over 800 vehicles have applied for a license to drive at Burning Man. The diversity and creativity in many of the vehicles we have seen is amazing. The DMV volunteer team has processed the majority of these registration requests, but the volume was high enough to overwhelm our new review process. We are not finished yet, but we will be soon!

We appreciate how much time and work people put into their Mutant Vehicles, and are doing everything possible to make sure that the review process both honors your effort and meets the needs of the Burning Man Event — that the vehicles are safe, extensively modified, and bring imagination and creativity to the playa. The vehicles you see driving should be as exciting as the other artwork people bring to Black Rock City.

We appreciate your patience as we complete the review process. If you have any questions, please contact the DMV. We will respond as quickly as we possibly can.

See you on the playa!!

The DMV Hotties [para_end]