There Was a Burning Man Who Lived in a Shoe…

Do you miss stories? I mean real stories with characters and heroic journeys and magic that works. Stories without screens or controls or cinematic cut scenes. Modern life is pretty impoverished in the stories department, which is actually a great reason to be a Burner. Burning Man gives life that sense of a mythic arc, and our Burning Man experiences are inseparable from the stories we tell about them.

Storied Haven is about getting that sense of story back. It’s the latest big art project from Five Ton Crane, the Oakland crew that brought you the Raygun Gothic Rocketship, the Steampunk Treehouse, and the Nautilus submarine. But just like all of their projects, Storied Haven will be like nothing you’ve ever seen before.


Kicking Concierge Caboose in Black Rock City

Yes, they really made this. Yes, that's a computer-generated plane.
Yes, they really made this. Yes, that’s a computer-generated plane.

I’ve Got Your “Vacation Package” Right Here

Festivals Concierge Services, part of a larger European-focused concierge company called The Key, offers VIP-priced packages for events and festivals around the world, which is great for them. They also want to offer them for Burning Man, but that’s not going to happen.

We believe strongly that paying upfront for a prescribed, curated experience that doesn’t require individual effort misses the mark and erodes Burning Man culture, and it’s absolutely not okay to sell people “the Burning Man experience” as a vacation package. This is precisely the kind of service we hope to eliminate from Black Rock City: one that essentially offers participation and “self-expression” in a box.

[In case you forgot, we have a comprehensive website section about how we deal with turnkey camping.]

Read on to learn about our interactions with Festivals Concierge Services, the actions we’re taking to stop what they’d like to do in Black Rock City, and how you can help.


We first learned of Festivals Concierge Services (FCS) in the summer of 2014 when we received reports about their website — — which was selling concierge services involving Black Rock City. We reached out concerning their unapproved uses of Burning Man’s intellectual property (IP) and offer of unauthorized services. Festivals Concierge Services changed the website as we requested, and they claimed that they were not offering any services at or to the 2014 Burning Man event in Nevada.

We next heard about Festivals Concierge Services in March 2015 when we received reports about the “Art on Playa Foundation,” an organization that Festivals Concierge Services started, purportedly to help their wealthy clients provide financial support to Burning Man artists. We saw that the Art on Playa website was using our logo and other IP, and causing confusion among artists and other participants about our involvement with them (we had none). So we reached out to Festivals Concierge Services again, explained our principles and policies again, and asked them to stop using our IP on their websites. Once again, they agreed to comply with our requests.

Sadly, we can’t say we were totally surprised when we learned that Festivals Concierge Services recently added a new “Burning Man concierge” page to its website. They have since changed the leading graphic — bearing a garish, computer-generated private jet flying over Black Rock City — to read “Black Rock City” instead of “Burning Man,” but FCS still uses the Burning Man name liberally (for example, at press time, FCS lists Burning Man as one of its “Products” on its Facebook info page). The page makes unauthorized use of Burning Man’s IP and claims to offer concierge services at our 2015 event (everything from transportation and tickets to Mutant Vehicle rentals and on-site theme camp management). This is all completely unauthorized by the Burning Man organization. Our community also took notice, and offered their pointed opinions protesting these activities in a Facebook thread that was deleted by Festival Concierge Services on 5/20/15.

Taking Action

We have contacted Festivals Concierge Services yet again, reminding them that they can’t offer “Burning Man concierge services” or use our IP to promote their business. We’re also taking a number of other steps to protect our principles and our stance on this issue:

  • Notifying applicants to our Outside Services (OSS) and Air Carrier Services (ACS) programs that if we learn they are doing business or subcontracting with concierges services (such as FCS) or their clients, we will deny access to the OSS and ACS programs.
  • Revisiting and revising the overall OSS program structure so companies like this can’t exploit the system (this process began after the 2014 event).
  • Notifying BLM that FCS will not have a contract with Burning Man and should not receive a BLM Special Recreation Permit to operate its concierge business on public land.
  • Coordinating with DMV and Placement to ask Mutant Vehicle operators and theme camp organizers not to provide services or camping to FCS or their clients.
  • Working with our Ticketing Team to prevent FCS staff from acquiring event tickets for resale to their clients.
  • Communicating with YOU, our community, to keep you informed about these activities, and to solicit your help with combating the packaging and sale of our culture now and in the future.

We welcome your questions and comments below. If you’re aware of any other companies using Burning Man’s intellectual property to sell “VIP Burning Man experiences” or the like, send a report to ip here: ip (at)

A Tale of Three Names

by Angel Eyes

Atlas' Globe (my name for this structure) - photo by Duncan Rawlinson
Atlas’ Globe (my name for this structure) – photo by Duncan Rawlinson

A shaman named Rafiki gave me my playa name. He dropped it into my lap, a casual jewel, and then ducked away. It was a tiny and huge moment all at once. It happened, and then it was over. I swung in its wake, letting the shape of the name settle around me like a cloak.

Going into the experience of Burning Man, I had been curious about playa names, wanting to hear their origin stories. I was delighted when folks I met introduced themselves as “Laser Wolf” “Huggles” and “Gummi Bear”. How did one get a playa name? I asked. Could you name yourself or did it come from some sort of elder? Could your friends make it up or did it have to descend in some kind of epic moment of glory? (more…)

Take Your First Stroll Through the 2015 BRC Art Installations

The list of 2015 Black Rock City Honorarium art installations — reflecting a total of $1.2 million in art grants awarded through Burning Man Arts — is now live, so you can go peruse the art-chitecture that will adorn our temporary city in just a few months’ time. Some popular playa favorites will be returning, and some new ones will be made. Here are some sights I saw on my first stroll through the list.

bismuth.e82417db3b054bd69102b408bceadf47The Bismuth Bivouac, “a playful pavilion celebrating the orthogonal geometries that exist in natural Bismuth crystals.” Have you ever looked at bismuth? It is 100% as gnarly as this installation.

Fire Tetris, because Fire Tetris.

The Life Cube Project, which is graciously returning to Black Rock City after its adventures beyond the playa this year.

heads_cathedral.63a1a645272446f08b99ecacbab91051If you’re looking for me, you will probably find me talking to the Lumiphonic Creature Choir between 2:27 a.m. and sunrise every night.

I’m sure every BRC regular is excited to enjoy R-Evolution, the third and final chapter of Marco Cochrane and Deja Solis’ feminine sculptural saga that began with Bliss Dance and Truth is Beauty.

And, of course, there’s the majestic Temple of Promise, which just launched its crowd-funding campaign and needs all our help to fill its essential spiritual role in our city.


Well, I’m ready to go. How ’bout you?

Flux Foundation’s “Lacuna” at Bay Area Book Festival

Flux Foundation (2009-2010 Black Rock City Honoraria), is on a roll! Although their Bloom! exhibition at the Philadelphia Zoo opened not too long ago, Flux Foundation is already working on their next project, Lacuna, which was just awarded a grant from our Global Art Grants program. Congratulations to the Flux crew!

Lacuna by Flux Foundation, 2015
Lacuna by Flux Foundation, 2015

Lacuna is a public art space and library created out of 50,000 books donated by the Internet Archive. Furthermore, visitors will be able to remove the books from the walls. As Lacuna’s website says:

“By removing, reorganizing, and replacing books, the walls inside Lacuna will shift, and it’s this process where we’ll see that each person’s interaction with Lacuna becomes an integral, valued part of the collective story and experience of Lacuna.”

Although more and more books are being digitized, there’s something very satisfying and pleasurable about holding an actual book made out of paper. Lacuna celebrates this by bringing our attention to the very materials of the book by fully immersing us in them. This creates an experience that is both immediate, as we are present with those materials in the moment, as well as associative, as the encounter allows us to tap into memories of libraries, and feelings (such as nostalgia) those memories may elicit.

Lacuna will appear in early June 2015 at the Bay Area Book Festival.

For more information on Lacuna, visit

Stuart Chapman’s “Wheel of Self-Reflection” Demonstrates Bio-Psychic Field

Wheel of Self Reflection, 2015 (Photo courtesy of the Artist)
Wheel of Self Reflection, 2015 (Photo courtesy of the Artist)

Stuart Chapman was a 2014 Black Rock City Honoraria artist, and he’s working on another divination/chakra project!

Curious about the “bio-psychic field” at Burning Man? Last year, Stuart Chapman repurposed a bathroom scale into a qi generator for the root chakras. The Wheel of Life was a “divinatory oracle based on Medieval cosmology [updated] for Life in the 21st Century.”

Chapman plans to collect more anecdotal evidence to demonstrate the strength of the bio-psychic field at Black Rock City with this year’s Wheel of Self Reflection. Wheel of Self Reflection has been outfitted and enhanced with a pyramidal capstone of light that will activate the upper chakras of each seeker. Expanding on last year’s amazing “synchronicity of the fortunes,” Chapman intends to “optimize the meaningful match-up of seeker and oracle” with this installation.

Visit the project’s Facebook page to find out more.

The Aeolian Ride Rides Again!

In 2004, Black Rock Arts Foundation grantee project Aeolian Ride took off on an epic bike ride in Manhattan with inflatable suits! Since then, Aeolian Ride (created by artist Jessica Findley) has transformed the landscape of 20 cities around the world with their whimsical kinetic presence. The ride has a magical effect, transforms everyday streets, and creates a loop of joy between the spectator and the riders.

Aeolian Ride (Photo courtesy of the artist)
Aeolian Ride, 2014 (Photo courtesy of the artist)

What better way is there to celebrate Bike to Work Day than with Aeolian Ride? If you’re in San Ramon on May 14, join the ride at Bishop Ranch!

When: May 14, 2014 from 11:30am – 1:30pm

Where: Bishop Ranch in San Ramon, CA

Cost: FREE (There are a limited number of inflatable suits. Free helmets while supplies last!)

Tickets: RSVP (& Reserve Your Gear) Here

You can also participate by watching the ride, and tag your photos with #aeolianride. Sign up for the newsletter to get the map!

Visit Aeolian Ride’s website to learn more about the project.